Spin-Offs of Young Justice

What are your thoughts on this post?


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Yes please, any and all spinoffs.

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I’d love to see an Outsiders spin off because they’ve already planted the seeds for Damian, Jon Kent, Aquaman’s son, and the Tornado Twins to be the team down the road. At the same time, I don’t want to see The Outsiders get phased out because I really dig the new take on Halo, and Forager is just awesome. As awesome as seeing all these characters is, at some point there won’t be time to give all of them their due character arcs. Give the Outsiders a spin off so the core YJ team and the Outsiders both have shows so all these characters can shine. That would be my suggestion for a spin off. Maybe even a Batman spin off. I know, “Batman is everywhere.” But hear me out. There was a five year time jump between season one and two. In that time, Tim Drake was Robin and Jason had been killed. Barbara was Batgirl. Dick was Nightwing. A in universe Batman series can show how all this took place in a couple seasons. Then a third season could explore how Spoiler and Cassandra Cain got into the mix, and show the infamous killing joke that made Barbara the Oracle. That season could bridge the gap between season two of YJ and the current Outsiders season. Then if YJ continues and inevitably brings Damian into the team after another assumed time jump, other season of a Batman spin off could do a son of Batman season to bridge that gap. Just spit balling🍀

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Sounds good but probably not in the cards $ wise for dc yet

I agree, I was just thinking about what might be good if budget wasn’t an issue🍀