Spin Master DC


Found one of the Spin Master DC figures tonight! Pretty epic! Had to start the collection with SUPERMAN!!


I really wish Mattel still owned the license, spin masters looks like its going to be a huge downgrade in quality.

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I believe Spin Master is geared towards younger children, hence the sturdier aesthetic. McFarlane got the collector license. From the preview pictures we’ve seen, I think they might be an upgrade from Mattel Multiverse (no offense to all Mattel fans out there).

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Nice pickup by the way @Kryptonian_Terran. Always appreciate meeting a fellow Superman collector!

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Agreed! Always a pleasure to meet a few Superman collector! Yeah, couldn’t pass this guy up when I saw him. Makes for a nice “in package” display piece with that glorious DC logo front and center!

I’ll miss Mattel too. I’m not excited for all the Spinmaster stuff, but these are cool. I like the packaging on them.

Absolutely STOKED for the McFarlane stuff!! Just pre-ordered an Action Comics 1,000 Superman!!

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I have that one and 3 others on pre-order: Detective 1000 Batman and the armored versions of Supes & Bats. Quite excited as well :slightly_smiling_face: