Spider Lady Criminal Mastermind

Not sure how many are watching the Superman serials but had to put my plug in for Spider Lady. She appears to run the entire mob in Metropolis despite a complete lack of skills. With nothing but her moxie, a blonde wig and an electrified spider web she controls every fedora wearing hood in the city.

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I have not yet watched it. Is she as ridiculous as she sounds?

Yes and the acting is stilted unlike Noelle Neal as Lois Lane. But, I still find it enjoyable.

How is it compared to the George Reeves Superman show?

Yes, she is not that interesting as a villain.

Also, George Reeves version is a lot better than the serials. The serials seemed copy and paste for every episode whereas George Reeves’s version has more variety. Although, I am still on season 1, so I am unsure how it progresses.

The need of the serial for cliff hangers can make it more repetitive with Lois in some mortal danger the most common scenario. There’s also the use of animation for the flying scenes that’s weird but kinda works.
And Spider Lady’s genius, her code name on the radio is SL no way anyone cracks that.