Speilberg's Blackhawks

Don’t know if anybody remembers this, but it was announced in the spring that Spielberg was hired by WB to direct a Blackhawks movie. Which one would you all rather see? The classic WWII-era Blackhawks or the modern black-ops Blackhawks?

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I had forgotten about this. I’m not familiar with Blackhawks but I’m sure stuff on them will be added on here as that gets closer. Which version is Spielberg going for?


Given that it’s Spielberg, I wouldn’t be shocked if he went the WWII route; that’s like easy money for him. I’d personally rather see modern Blackhawks.

So they’re soldiers or what?

They’re like an elite military squadron. I think in WWII they were like ace fighter pilots. The New 52 made them elite spec-ops soldiers that handled black-ops missions.

Kinda like G.I. Joes!? I can dig that

The Blackhawks are a paramilitary squad of pilots from various nations who fought against the Axis during WWII and sometime afterwards in most continuities



Hear nothing but good things about this.