Speculation on Batman and Catwoman’s Future Together

you know batman and Catwoman have had some pretty epic reasons for Not getting together over the years, from just ‘growing apart’ like they did just before the reboot to King’s epic heartbreak that is batman number 50 to having Selina’s mind altered by Zetana bring into question her journey from rouge to hero…to batman having his brain manipulated by the black glove society.

However in a lot of modern Elseworlds Batman and Catwoman are together, in the future world of earth 2/two batman married Catwoman…Catwoman was the first rouge batman intentionally let get away…multiple times back in the golden age till the US was dragged into World War II.

However let’s face it DC does not want Batman and Catwoman married at least not full time. So I say they would give us BatCat fans a compromise lets just them eternally staying together as a couple but they now keep clothing at the other place having a drawer. Let’s have Selina/catwoman wake up at the Wayne townhouse ever 5 issues of Batman and Batman/Bruce/Matches wake up in The Nest every 5 issues of Catwoman and them having breakfast together, and going on dates, Catwoman picking up Damian at school in an issue…wait do teen hero’s even go to school anymore?

I mean come on superman strange Lois lane along with outside earth two forever and now he gets his girl. given superman is public if batcat breaks up again…I hate to say this cause I like Lois but they should Kill her off till the next full reboot as punishment for superman hubris.

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