Speculation for Where the Shows/Movies Will Go

While there are a bunch of comments and threads related to what will happen to the shows/movies leaving DC Universe, if there is a way to compilate them into a single topic for people to discuss and share, I nominate this or another thread to do so.

If people want to share their speculations, that works too.

If HBO Max does not host all the shows/movies leaving here, I suspect that they will return to their service before DC Universe began. Batman Beyond was on Netflix, Justice League rotated on Netflix, some were on Hulu, and the rest may be on HBO Max or distributed to a new streaming service or just left in the wind.

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I just wanna know what’s happening to Young Justice. We’re definitely getting a season 4 but if it goes to HBO mac I don’t think they’ll give us another season. Kinda hoping it becomes a “Netflix original” or something since YJ was streaming there before DCU.

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Right now, it’s on HBO Max.

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Season 4 of Young Justice will most likely follow suit with Titans, Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn with new seasons debuting on HBO Max.