Spectacular Spider-Man is in Young Justice

Six episodes in and the show is hype. So many things to talk about and I’ll do my best to abridge.

1.) Josh Keaton using his spidey voice was super funny, and a great easter egg.

2.) Tara was introduced and I think that they are going down a full mind control arc with her. To early to tell, since Slade is heavily involved with her story. She might just admire him in some way and choose to follow him. (Please no more sexy time talk though. That was weird in Judas Contract).

3.) Did Ra’s have a falling out with Vandal? He is no longer with the light and I think Darksides invlovement or maybe the season two finale may have swayed him to quit. Perhaps his involvement with the Bat family may have convince him to quit, since Damian and Jason are hinted at very heavily. Maybe they wanted him to kill his grandson and he refused.

I’d love to hear what others might think and im very excited for the rest of the season.


Black Spider but ok lol he is close enough. He was in YJ already, Roy Harper, Arrow, & Artemis took him down. Episodes were great tho. New Genesis has arrived in YJ. Future People were on previously but not New Genesis itself. Loved it, we got forager on Earth with the crew!!!

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I know thats his name in universe…but cmon. He was written very diffrent from that first appereance and the episode was mainly about artimis and her sister. He had more quip which is what i was refering to.

Slade is the obvious one in Control of the League now. I’m surprised it took me 30 minutes to figure that one out. He’ll be controlling Tara and she’s likely gonna be a back stabber again.



I gotcha my bad. Was just passing info & I didn’t mean it disrespectfully. I honestly didn’t know if you were asking or not?

He said I don’t suppose you’ll let me go on my web slinging ways in the older YJ episode I was like whoa!

I gotcha all good, just wanted to clarify.

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Right on. There are some people who ask questions like that & need the info. It’s hard to gauge sometimes idk if people are really asking or being rhetorical. Nothing wrong with it, I just never know unless they say help I’m new to comics etc. sometimes I can’t tell if I’m helping or telling someone something they already know lol.

Love the avatar btw.

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Thanks man, same.

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Thank u.