Specific comic content

There are several posts lamenting the dearth of DCU’s comic selection. Usually a moderator will eventually respond requesting specific content.

So this is my list of specific content that I really want added to the comic selection.

  1. ALL issues of EVERY Post-Crisis series. This should start with Crisis on Infinite Earths. And, feel free to cut it off at Zero-Hero.

And that’s it. That’s my whole list.
These are the comics I grew up with, and a service like this is, really, my only opportunity to find and read these comics.

I’m not willing to pay more (like other subscribers have stated). I didn’t sign up for the annual subscription based on the Titans teaser. The show was completely unproven, and I wasn’t willing to take the risk that it would bomb.

Instead, I ONLY signed up for access to the comics. I was hoping/expecting for the ENTIRE library. But at this point, I’d be willing to settle for nostalgia.

Maybe, in a few years, after all the licensing agreements have expired with The CW, Hulu, Netflix, Fox, etc., I’d be willing to sign up for DCU based on video content. I suppose it’s possible I’d get a hankering for some old show.

But I’m WAY more likely to get a hankering for an old comic storyline. And I have a good feeling, this hankering would happen on a regular basis.

Please don’t flame me for hating on DCU. I signed up during the beta, I’ve participated in the forums, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Titans, and I’ve enjoyed the FEW pre Zero-Hour comics that are presented here. Other than the comic selection, the service is good. Sure, there’s a few other things that could be improved, but the comic selection is extremely poor.

I’m a professional with 20 years in IT. I understand, to the folks running this platform, everything is metrics. So, here’s a couple measurements: you’ve got 80+ years of good comics. I’m guessing that’s about 30,000+ individual issues. Compare that number to what you’re offering. Some other metrics: you’re making close to $0 on 90% of these comics through traditional paper sales. For comics, DCU represents a new revenue stream with minimal investment.

Make yourself popular with the bosses. Make lots of money with happy subscribers by building out the comic selection!


Heya, @harley.333!

We love hearing what users would like to see on the DCU and are currently working on updating/expanding our current digital comic library!
Check out this thread and let us know the top 5 comic books/series you would love to see added to the library: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/comics/top-5-comic-bookscomic-se_1

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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