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Thanks for writing in. Our ‘Dive Back In’ feature, currently located on the home hub, should load up the following issue once you complete.

In contrast, our ‘History’ feature, located in your MyDC gives you the ability to look backwards at all the items you’ve completed.


Interesting use case. We currently don’t have any features lined up to support this but its definitely something I’ll bring back to the team and weigh against other items we’re working on.


Hey There! There’s not currently the ability to restart a book so here’s what i’d recommend.

  • read to the end of the book
  • once you hit the ‘End of Book’ experience, hit the back button on the top left to land back at the last page of your book
  • tap the screen to reveal the Comic Book Reader interface and click the page view icon in the top right
  • scroll up the screen and tap on page 1


There is a known issue with the publication date which we’re in the midst of fixing. This update will fix the publication order so that you can view issues based on the date they were initially published.


I appreciate that - thank you! On the subject of lists, manual sorting and manipulation within lists would be excellent! Another List I have is “Comics To Read” and I would love to move issues/series up and down the line rather than scrolling.

Another Question if you Have Time: What are some upcoming features you’re excited about that can be shared with the community?





Come on, there’s gotta be more y’all wanna know! I’ll be on here til about 4pm EST, at which point they’ll release me back to the wild (my apartment).


Did you respond to mine? So sorry if I missed it.


Lol. Thank you @Aric! I’ve mentioned this one to @Applejack before, but what about the addition of an “undo/redo” function in the Community area (a few edits deep)?


When sending bugs to the Support Team, what is a good template to follow with regards to the pertinent information required? I usually attach screenshots if possible, but is there a good rule of thumb that would help us communicate better on our end?

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Heya, I can field this one, as Community development lives with another team than Aric’s- the tech-y answer is that the undo/redo action won’t be able to be implemented with our environment, as the markdown behavior is tied to the operating system.


Absolutely, thanks for writing in!

In Comic Browse, you should be able to tap multiple filters in order to get a nice carving of results. That being said, there is still some work ahead of us to merge both the ‘Search’ and ‘Browse’ features so they can lean on one another. Today, they are both separate wherein Search relies on copy such as the issue description while Browse leans on tags.

Speaking of appropriating better tags across our content… this might this might be fun project to collaborate on in the future :slight_smile:


On the money, I love this idea! I’ve had it in my notes to tweak how we showcase a page while in panel mode to showcase the full layout prior to diving into the action.


Sorry, missed this one. I think this is a great idea… lemme surface it with the team and see if its something we can bang out!


Awesome. Thank you!


This is a great question and should be helpful with any tech question you have beyond DC Universe.

When a bug is surfaced, the more detail we have, the easier it is to triage and hopefully find a solution. We’re looking for the following:

  • platform (ios, android)
  • device (ipad pro 2018)
  • application version number
    – this can be found in your settings
  • a step by step way to reproduce the issue
  • screenshots or video captures of the issue in practice

I currently work as a web developer but our apps are no where as cool as DC Universe.

How’d you transition to the role of Product Manager? I’m curious as to if you guys are Agile/Waterfall, the team size, if you have a Dev Team and Dev Ops. That sort of thing. I actually contemplated trying to work for DC in some capacity in the past lol.


Hello Aric,
I think you accidenly skip my first comment question, when browsing at a comic book like Superman, if I back out, why does it take me to homepage of comic book instead of 1000 of comics? I would have to start all over again with searching.


Yessss, a question about myself… my favorite kind!

My story started focused in the music industry. I was tour managing for a bit and eventually found myself in a marketing role at one of the majors. While the experience was dope, I was itching to do something a bit more artist and management focused. This time period coincided with a lot of change in the industry which saw a ton of tech companies pop up, and I found myself in my first tech adjacent role at Topspin, providing digital toolsets to artists so they could own their music and merch distribution as well as direct relationships with their fans. I bounced around from there, continuing my focus on seeing technology get infused with some classic entertainment and advertising industries.

My team at WB currently work in hybrid environment, taking cues from Agile where we can. I don’t think I can comment on team size but we’re effectively made up of:

  • a dev operations team which make sure the pipes are clear and y’all receive the content when you tap on it
  • a backend services team which builds out different technologies for our application teams
  • a client team, i.e. application team, with folks focussing on different executing platforms and operating systems

If you’re interested, make sure to check out www.warnerbroscareers.com to see if there’s anything jumps out at ya.


I’ve run into the same issue and it is hella annoying. We’re currently working on some small tweaks that will make the ‘Comic Browse’ experience a much more intuitive.

Speaking of Tom King, how about that Mister Miracle run? Its unfortunately not included with the DCU library, but damn, that book slaps.