🎵 Songs Using Excerpts from DC Media

I recently came across and recognized songs using clips from DC media: one from a movie and another from a TV show.

:batman_hv_1: DC Movie: Dark Knight Rises

:mag_right: Where to Find: (14:50) melody Alfred is playing on the piano keys to enter The Batcave

:musical_note: Song: The Reckoning (intro) by Palisades

:batman_hv_1: DC TV Show: The New Adventures of Batman, S1: E1 “The Pest”

:mag_right: Where to Find: (1 - 1:17) the rhythmic “scratching sound” and other instrumentals from intro

:musical_note: Song: Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge

Has anyone else caught a musician being a hardcore DC fan?

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