Songs that sound reminiscent of music in DC Comics

For me, “A Line in the Sand” by Linkin Park reminds me of the Dark Knight Trilogy in the opening of the song with the guitar. Then, “Broken” by From Ashes to New and “The Eye of the Storm” by Disturbed remind me of music from The Wolf Among Us with “Broken” towards the end in the bridge and “Eye of the Storm” for the whole thing. What about you?

My Immortal by Evanescence comes to mind whenever I read a scene with a character that’s longing for an unobtainable love or is having problems in a relationship, etc.

Rob Zombie’s Superbeast and Dragula came to mind when Metal was coming out and come to mind at times when I read books with supernatural elements.

4 Strings’ Let It Rain pops up when I see characters in times of joy and bliss.

Linkin Park is a good fit for The Dark Knight Trilogy too.

While it is interesting to think of music that would fit comics, I created this thread to separate itself from other threads that may focus on that subject, and focus this one on music that seems similar to music produced by DC Comics. For example, a sampling of a song would be a blatant reminder of another song, so I wanted to know if there were songs people listened to that sounded fractionally or wholly like a song that has been featured in a DC Comics game, movie, or TV show.

Thank you for your response because that means either others may not fully understand the reason behind this thread or it could mean I am not phrasing this thread in an open manner.

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Every time I see Superman I hear penny lane the barber shaves another customer, maybe because he’s such a Boy Scout and that’s a happy innocent sounding song. I hear System of a Down when I see the JLA and Darkseid about to clash aerials in the sky…

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SOAD, eh? Chop Suey mayhaps?


Anything system will do. Here I go on another concert rant. I went to oz fest in Columbus, and, of course, Ozzy cancelled last second just like he did when I went to oz fest at Blossom music stadium in Ohio. Anywho, System got to headline the show and I was already a huge System fan. They said I want everyone here to come to the front of the stage. Some went, I went instantly. Then they said I’m serious everybody up on that hill come down here now. Next thing u know the ushers disappeared and a mountain of people came rushing down. Soon as everyone got their they kicked in and totally killed it. Sorry I’ve been to so many concerts I can’t help myself.

When I hear Eminem’s Not Afraid I think of Green Lantern.
He released the song and video around the same time the Green Lantern movie was coming out. My friend and I thought it would be on the soundtrack. I mean Eminem flies in the video about not being afraid which is GL.

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