Something to Think About When Worrying About the Future of DC Universe

I posted basically this message in one of the many threads talking about DC Universe future, or rather speculating if they are in trouble. I then decided I want more people to see it but can’t erase it so am making a thread here. So my thoughts on the worrying about is DC Universe in trouble or not…

I understand the worry, can’t say I have not wondered too. But when I was in my 20’s a friend gave me some of the best advice I ever got… which I try not always successful to always keep in mind. “If you spend all the good times waiting for something bad to happen, you wasted it.”

DCU has announced that programming up to 2020 with Star Girl and are producing Harley Quinn, Star Girl, Young Justice and Titans Season 2 episodes right now. And most accounts DC streaming won’t go live until sometime in 2020 so likely over six months away hell maybe a year away. If everyone starts worrying about worst case scenarios that are a long time away still they are going to make themselves crazy. And if one of those scenarios does happen (and personally I don’t think things are as bad as some do, but that is just me) then we ruined our chance to have fun while we still can.


Very sound advice there DanTheManOne1. I, for one, am not gonna waste time worrying about these things. I’m going to sit back and enjoy this service and all it offers and if things change in the future so be it.


Ah, positive chi.


Exactly. Even if the service was ending (which it’s not), I guess it would be time to read EVEN MORE comics!

Also time to watch that 70’s pilot of Wonder Woman they have on here. I mean if it doesn’t stay on here what are the chances I will ever have the opportunity to see THAT again?


@DanTheManOne 70’s WW is great fun! I found it on the, er…webs…myself, and got through almost two seasons of it. If they put the whole series up I may finish it out!

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Oh the Linda Carter one rocks. I meant the pilot they made before that with Cathy Lee Crosby.

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Oh silly me it is on here! Goes to show you don’t realize half of what you have at times.


Definitely have not seen that

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@DantheManOne1 This is why you’re one of the best people on these boards. Keep preaching the positivity!

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@DantheManOne1 Well put!

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Ummm…the blood is in the water…axing Swamp Thing one episode In just looks bad. Marvel/Disney streaming service won’t have these issues (and will be on PlayStation and Xbox from the get go) It’s all about first impressions and DC has yet to understand this.


It isn’t all doom and gloom to the last few comments. Yes, there are going to be changes and things are being decided by corporate entities. This app though has given many of us an opportunity to interact with other comic fans for the first time. These forums have always been a place for good and positivity regarding our love of the DC Universe, comics, and media. I hope we can keep it this way.


@RobertScorpio Swamp Thing not being renewed is something we’ve known for a while and it’s not even DC’s fault. To claim “the blood is in the water” is a little premature.


Lots of people have said that Marvel won’t have this problem (canceling shows before the season gets going). I invite you to google “Marvel’s Inhumans.” Canceled after 4 episodes. Disney/Marvel is not as bulletproof as you think.


DC universe is a niche service. Comparing it to Disney+ is a bit unfair. Warners streaming service is their competition in the future. Not DCU


With the failure of Inhumans in mind, let’s look at Marvel’s animated track record over the last five or six years. thinks it over Ooh, that’s bad. This is coming from someone who was a big Marvel nerd then. Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man? Ultimate No Thanks.

Let’s look at WB Animation’s track record over the same time period. Success after success both in television and movie content. Young Justice, the DC Original Movie line, the CW Seed shows, DC Superhero Girls has multiple TV shows and movies, the miscellaneous animated movies that aren’t part of the DCOM line, etc.

Saying what Disney+ will have right now is hyperbole. They won’t put all of their giant, marquee content up at the beginning of their service. Some, yes. All? No. They like to make money over a prolonged time too, just like all other businesses.


The animation is the main reason I subscribed in the first place.

Yes, as crappy as DC’s movies have regrettably been, the animation has almost always been fantastic. The second best portrayal of the Joker is still Mark Hammil’s perfect voice, and you all know who’s the best. Second place isn’t bad at all.

And that’s just one series.

And all the comics!

And, BTW, what other successful Marvel animation has there been besides the very good X-Men?

Of course, they had St. Claremont’s stories to use, and a great theme song.

What else?

For great animation, there’s DC. Period.

Mark my words…DC Universe will not exist two years from now. Warner’s Streaming service will absorb it.