Something i realised as being a bit odd about Batman rebirth number 55 catwoman vol 5 1

I am taking a break from books to read a bit of fanfiction specifically Birds Fly in Different Directions by Jinmukang(still working on chapter one so this may happen in it not sure)
I figure by the time Selina Kyle got settled in California would be when Nightwing/dick grayson was shot in the head in Batman Rebirth 55. you would think the new that Nightwing or dick Grayson was shot in the head would have made its way to her. Likely by Alfred calling her to inform her and going something like this: asking her if she truly loves bruce. her answer would have been yes thats why i left, so he could be batman as the world needs batman. Master dick was just shot in the head, he is being taken to hospital, bruce could use some emotional support as it was just him and dick in gotham right now, did you get the package i sent? S: yes, A i can have the batwing there in 5 minutes on autopilot. S: send it." she shows up at gotham general.

I think Selina was in a place at the time where she had intentionally cut off all contact with the Bats.


true, i kinda feel this was an I did not think of that moment by the author, however, Alfred knew were she was having sent her her costume, given he has the resources of batman at his disposal he would have been able to find her. do not get me wrong I like the way bat cat gets back in black in city of bane. I just hope they stay together after doomsday clocks ramifications. these two have been dancing around each other for 70 years i have heard she was absent for the sixties do to the comics code. These two would have likely hooked up a lot sooner were it not for the that dang code.

ghana, I want a cheesy romance/family cartoon about bat and cat teaming up after the boat, Going to the circus together and dick being taken in by the two to be raised alongside holly Robertson.

I admit it I like mushy romance stuff and batcat is the best mushiness ou there. :grin: