something I just realized tell me if I'm right

Wait so cyborg and beast boy are bothe from doom patrol did anybody notice that

Well, Beastbiy’s first appearance in the comics ward in Doom Patrol. In fact, Rita and Mento actually adopted him I’d I remember correctly.

So it really made sense for him the be introduced in the show through the doom patrol.

However I don’t think cyborg had anything to do with them in the comics (at least not at play of an origin soto or anything like that). Which I think is why some people ste as bit weirded or by him being in this show and not Titans (yet).

Beast Boy first appeared in the comics in Doom Patrol #99, and guest-starred in issue #6 of Teen Titans, both their original series. Editorial squabbling prevented Gar from showing up again-- eventually he become more of an official Titan in TT #52, one issue before the book got canceled again to make room for the short-lived DC Explosion.

Cyborg first appears in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26, and New Teen Titans #1. No connection to the Doom Patrol, although he meets Robot Man in New Teen Titans #13.

As for the TV show, as someone put it-- why not? The show probably started out with another character in mind, or even a new character-- and then somebody higher up the ladder said, why not use Cyborg? After all, using Victor increases visibility for the web site and for the show, while continuing to grow Cyborg as an independent brand.


I think Cyborg is in the Doom Patrol show largely because they figured with the team being more or less unknown’s to most non hardcore comic book fans. So they wanted someone with some name value on the show to help market it. Cyborg is weird as he is the only founding member of New Teen Titans aside from Kid Flash not on Titans, and the only one of the five members not on the animated series arguably more people would be familiar with then even the Wolfman/Perez comic.

But to be honest I can’t think of anyone with any real name value they could have used besides Cyborg, and so far it seems to work,