Someone once asked which character should get their own DC movie or TV show. My choice: Zatanna!

Since DCEU is going in a good direction with Shazam especially in the elements of magic and its a little bit off the beaten path at least for me she is not a well known character for me like Shazam was. I’ve heard of Zatanna from the DC animated film Justice League Dark, Young Justice and the New 52 Justice League Dark. Ive never heard of Shazam until the trailer of the movie came out. Since Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are extensively well known to me, I think it will be good idea to keep introducing these little known characters into the mix make them known. It’ll be something new and refreshing for the DCEU. It’s time to get creative and mix it up! Whatcha think?


Part of Marvel’s success has been to transform their ‘B’ squad into their most valuable properties. They had already sold the rights to Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, so they worked with their other characters. At times, revamping fairly obscure characters (sorry Guardians, but it’s true). They had already goofed their Kirby and Ditko characters, so they built a new juggernaut with Starlin’s characters (and yet even more Kirby ones). So yeah, you never know how many people will all of a sudden always have been an Adam Strange fan, or a Phantom Stranger fan, if you just make a good movie. It also seems easier to do with lesser known properties, ie Guardians. Less people have an opinion on exactly how Groot should be portrayed.
Also in favor of Zatanna, or any part of whole ‘Dark’ side of the DC Universe. Hey, Swamp Thing’s coming…you never know who might show up. She guested in the Alan Moore run at one point.


@Deadman That’s excatly what I was trying to say. Thanks!

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel proved that there’s an appetite for strong female superheroes. As long as she’s got a decent villain to fight (like Felix Faust or Klarion the Witch Boy; Etrigan could maybe work), I could see her being a hit


I don’t this counts but how about a team I’d like to see Nightforce get there own series or movie

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Who could play Zatanna though? I can’t think of anyone. They’re gonna have to do auditions for sure. And I’ll have to look into Nightforce. Thanks for giving me something new to read!

Randal Savage

Dunno who’d be cast as her, but Zatanna is a top contender.

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Saoirse Ronan for Zatanna! Maybe?
But I never would have thought of Diane Guerrero for Crazy Jane, I’m sure casting can find somebody just as perfect for Zatanna.

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Can’t say it enough… Deathstroke. His story line has a lot of potential for an amazing series.

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Yeah a Zatanna tv show could be really cool!

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@deathstroke I definitely love to see the origin of Deathstroke!