Someone is coming to Supergirl in Season 4

Lex Luthor is coming to Supergirl in Season 4

It’s going to be a recurring role.

Ok, I’m excited. Are you?

Imagine Lex getting out of prison to a world with one more Kryptonian hero. His company in the hands of Lena, who has even been working with his nemesis aliens.

This is bound to be a great ride.

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I think Lex coming will put a nice little twist on supergirl. But I don’t really know who would play that character. Or how his story would pan out. Also I would love to see a lex and superman fight scene

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I am personally upset by this because I have never been fond of the direction the arrowverse had been going in and putting a character of his background in seems like another green lantern 2011 incident.

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Michael Rosenbaum would be my top choice, but I am hopeful that CW will make a great pick.

A lexsuit fight would be nice. I live for the coming mindgames and backstab-plotting though.

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Ok if he comes on SUPERGIRL wony superman be on more on yhat program