Some thoughts on The Batman animated series (the other one).

I had rewatched it some time ago and I guess you could say I am contemplating another.

This is mostly from what I remember, please enlighten me should I be mistaken. Also, spoilers galore; so, if you’ve never seen it, read on at your own peril… (no really)

i hope to commandeer the first post for my thoughts

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This Batman is happier than your usual depiction. Or rather Bruce, with his casual lean with “the kids” (Dick and Barbara), the picture of him with the future clayface. Part of this also comes from how he interacts with Alfred. I like the voice actor, but the way they drew the profile of the cowl should have been no surprise to Bruce’s Roman nose. Not for nothing, i am not a fan.

Each season is sort of a sidekick arc: the detective voiced by ming na, batgirl, robin. And overall, a sort of homage to the 66 Batman. The update of the villians works and it doesn’t. I think the update had BTAS in mind, notably Scarface, the ventroliquist’s puppet, looking like tony montana of scarface, clock king can travel back in time. The downside is that the villians are basically variations on a theme, Mr Freeze in particular.

some random highlights
At one point, the penguin has a speech he gives about performing a crime involving a bird related stunt or gag, describing the formula in an attempt to convince Batman that he needs help or is innocent and i don’t remember the exact details. But I look forward to experiencing said moment when it comes along whenever i make this rewatch happen.

I liked how after developing the ice pellets tech, you would see it in later episodes.

An early joker episode had the following exchange:
“the Joker’s jot to be kidding”
“he’s not kidding; he’s joking!”, as the Joker comes out of disguise

The batman is probably my favorite batman aninated show besides BTAS. Its so well written and comic book accurate.

The Batman is the best animated Batman series ever done. Yes, better than BTAS.

Rino Romano is a better and more complete Batman voice than Kevin Conroy. Not by much, but still better. BTAS forced his brooding upon us, where as The Batman, his introspective seems more organic. There is always a reason behind it.

I prefer the older Batgirl, but I see why they did it. It allows Batgirl & Robin to play off each other, rather than relying on it always being Batman.

The best Mr Freeze origin is from this series. He is no longer a tragic figure, who really turns out creepy, which we finally see in Batman Beyond (Which takes place in the same universe as BTAS.) Freeze in The Batman is a villain hoisted in his own petard and uses his new found power as any good villain should.

We see The Penguin for what he is, a spoiled brat, that believes the world owes him riches and acceptance. He is a petty and arrogant little SOB.

We see the Joker as truly an agent of chaos and a much truer antithesis of Batman than we got in BTAS.

Finally, the batmobile is more functional and practical. Not bound to Burton’s Batman.

In the end, THAT is what makes it better than BTAS, it is not beholden to Burton’s vision of Batman & Bruce Wayne. It is original. It truly does the character justice by being an original and reasonably comic book canonical Batman.

When it comes to Mr Freeze, i prefer the creepy tragic story vs the criminal getting caught in some accident when The Batman attempts to foil said criminal as well as getting abilities from said accident.

I believe there was some outcry over how Joker was drawn, but i like the voice actor. plus, it didn’t bother me when i saw first saw it.

I also liked The Batman vs Dracula.

You can’t get better than what they did with “Clayface of Tragedy”.

I agree on the Freeze front, although I adore Clancy Brown.

@Desade I’m going to have to disagree. Batman the brave and the bold is the best batman animated show of all time

Batman: BatB is kind of its own thing. besides, i already rewatched that.