Some pages are unresponsive

Hey. I’m on my laptop and about half of the threads on the community won’t work. I keep on getting notifications from google that they are “unresponsive”. Is this an issue on my part or on the programming of the community? Is there any way I can fix it on my end? Please let me know.

Heya, @Jurisdiction!

Browsing through that particular thread myself (and a couple other high-volume threads), I’ve run into no problems. Likely the easiest fix is to select “exit page” and allow Chrome to terminate the process entirely, then refresh or try again in a new tab.

If that doesn’t stop the Page Unresponsive message for good, you might want to see if your Chrome needs to be updated. If no updates are available, then proceed with the typical troubleshooting steps: clear cache/cookies, restart your PC (and make sure it’s fully updated), disable your extensions one by one to see if any are conflicting with the site, or try to access those threads through another browser, like Firefox, to see if you run into any problems there.

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I did that already

Did you find if the problem was isolated to Chrome?

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no. it just wasn’t working

oh it started working on safari now, but not chrome… I’ve never had that problem