Some LSH Starship Paintings

Back in the latter 20th Century I painted a lot of spaceships.
Here are four I did based on LSH Cruisers and related technology.
Acrylic paint on matte board or illustration board.

“Approaching Nullport” depicts the UP’s favorite starshipyards.
The next two were variations on the same design.
“Legion Starflight Modes” was an initial attempt to show in one image
all the ways the LSH had for getting from one star system to another–
– Personal flight
– Time Bubbles (a very under-appreciated way to hop between planets)
–Most of the designs from the beginning to the mid-'80s. I left out a couple that were designed by Jim Mooney and Curt Swan because I didn’t have any references at the time. One of these days I’ll make a new one and include the omitted vintage scrusiders.


These are all Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and if ya got more keep em coming :grinning:


These are incredible!! I feel like I could stare at them for hours. The backgrounds are so gorgeous, and I love the details on the space ships and characters. Amazing work!!


These are very very Awesome™️


A friend was working on the pilot for BABYLON 5. He asked if I had some space art paintings he could use as ads on the set.
He added “Just no Star Wars or Star Trek stuff !”
He didn’t say “No Legion of Superheroes stuff” :wink:

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I love that you actually know all of these. The blending is great, you might be giving Alex Ross a run for his money