Social Distancing (COVID-19) Watch/Read List and Support Group

I hope everyone is staying healthy in this coronavirus epidemic both physically AND mentally. I know many of us are having events cancelled, having to work/study from home, and are encouraged to practice “social distancing.” As for me, my university is moving all classes online and a lot of classes and events are canceled. A lot of academic conferences and community festivals have also been either postponed or canceled.

While this is most certainly good measure in reducing the risk of contracting the virus, as social beings these practices can often be tough on our mental health.

So with that in mind, let’s come together as a community to support each other in this stressful and depressing time. After just a couple days I’m already stir crazy. Let’s share words of support, what our watch/read lists are during the pandemic, and share recommendations of things to fill our new free-time with.

On my list so far is:
-Justice League manga (in Japanese)
-Beware the Batman!
-'66 Batman TV Series
-Catching up with the Batman Family comic post-New 52 (right now I’m on Requiem)
-Lego DC Super Villains game

How are you doing in this time? What is on your list? What are your recommendations?


Solid list. I’m reading the Knightfall series over again, for the first time in maybe 15, 20 years? The first volume was new to me and was a surprisingly enjoyable read, I liked seeing Bruce slowburn mental decline leading into the Bane stuff.
I’m also finishing up Injustice 2 here on the app, my favorite DC storyline since Flashpoint.


I am gonna try to get out to my shop to pick up some more Hardcover collections to read. Getting ready to hunker down with some classic superman and batman stories.


In my time I freak out, break down in anxiety when I’m laying in bed at night, and read comics. I come to the forums everyday to distract myself from life’s crap. But wouldn’t life be boring if there was no risk, no action?

I’m worried as heck, but I try to keep my cool.


Oh no! Don’t freak out @AnonymousHQ!! We’ll all get it though it together as a DC Community!! I get it though. My husband is LITERALLY locked down in Manila. He’s nervous, and I’m nervous for him.

We’re all here for you. So what are you reading?


Dude, yes! The Knightfall series is SOLID!

Oh, maybe I should check out the Injustice comics if you recommend them?


Make sure you let us know what you get your hands on :wink:


I just reread Legends with all the tie-ins. Also Gothtopia. Searching out something I haven’t read b4 presently.


Knightfall vol. 2 And Hero’s in Crisis as it is released on the platform.


If you like Elseworld-style tales, and you don’t mind occasional graphic violence (not like really graphic, but I find it to be a bit more mature than regular DC stuff), I would recommend the Injustice run. I love Tom Taylor’s storytelling and character work. I am also a fan of how the series was designed for digital - each page fits perfectly in horizontal fashion on my phone without the need to pinch and zoom or use panel-to-panel (which I do love a lot as well).
I definitely feel more pity for Jean-Paul Valley on this read-through than I did as a kid (I remember being really upset that Grayson wasn’t taking over the mantle.) I can’t wait to make it to Knight’s End, I read the final part of the arc maybe a hundred times and I never get tired of Bruce running the ninja gauntlet.


I just started up Legends myself - did you enjoy it? I really wish they had all of the annuals from Armageddon 2001 on here, as a kid I love the Batman tie-in.


A similar list can be referenced here, with sweet, sweet linkage:

If we have to hunker down, at least it’s together :slight_smile:


I got 6 sets of lego DC superhero girls waiting to be built. For games I still have the lego villains DLC, the telltale batman games, and the arkham games to play. I’ve considered replaying injustice and injustice 2. For comics, I’ll be finishing ame-comi girls and catching back up on supersons.

I’ve made sure I’ve got plenty of options. :eyes::ok_hand: Stay safe and practice good hygiene everyone!


Lots of hand washing! By the way, have you played the telltale games before? I’m thinking about playing them, and I want to know if it’s any good.


I played the first one when it first released on PS4. I bought it again with the sequel on the Switch. I liked the first one a lot! Without giving spoilers, this game really messes with my needs to be friends with everyone.


Hmph, well I’ll add it to my list of DC games :slightly_smiling_face:.


For those that don’t pay and are unable to read on the app there is an app called Hoopla it’s from the library. Unfortunately the Libraries are closing. I’m going to be reading my backlog of books I haven’t read yet. ( Superman Action Comics, Green Lantern and the Flash is just a few I have in my to read drawer!


I wouldn’t expect it to be accurately like the comics. It’s been years since I played the game, but Bruce in the games kinda reminds of Bruce in Beware the Batman. :thinking: my memory is a bit rusty, so my comparison could be off :sweat_smile:

Edit: I was actually thinking The Batman and not Beware the Batman. Oops…


I actually just saw a thread where community members were talking about the game


@Soreita That’s so sweet! You make me want a LEGO set! :rofl:

@AnonymousHQ YES! I just finished the first Telltale Series game and it was FANTASTIC. There is a thread here about them and everyone recommends them! The story, origins, etc. are quite different from the movies and comics, but that’s part of what makes it so intriguing.