So Where To Start (With Diving Back In to DC Comics / DC Infinite)?


I am a long time comic book fan, but I’ve always (for the most part) stuck to Marvel Comics. I’ve been into the comic book scene since the very early 90’s. I first started paying attention to DC around the time of “The Death of Superman”, but didn’t really buy that many DC Comics in the 90’s, the exceptions being the “Big Ones”: TPB collections “Watchmen”, “The Dark Knight Returns”, “The Killing Joke”, “Batman: Year One” and the first few “Sandman” TPBs. Beyond that though, I might’ve bought the occasional Batman comic, but that was it. Except for “Starman”. I read most of James Robinson’s run on “Starman” back in the 90’s. It was detached from the rest of the DC Mythology enough that I said “I’ll give this a try” and I followed it and loved it.

Then came the 2000’s, and hearing about the success of “Hush” in 2002/2003, I decided to start complementing my Marvel reading by trying to get in to DC Comics. So I got in to Batman and Wonder Woman and “Legion of Superheroes” for a little bit, but started paying attention to the larger “Events” of what was going on with DC, so I read all of “Identity Crisis” in 2004 and “Infinite Crisis” in 2005. I stopped following DC around 2007 and stopped reading Marvel around 2009.

Now, I’m using “Marvel Unlimited” and “DC Infinite” to get back in to both. But where to start? Do I:

1). Just start reading the latest issues coming out each week (or start with any new “Issue #1s” that have started in the last 6 to 12 months?)

2). Go back to the last line-wide “Refresh” occurred? (With “Rebirth” in 2016? Or would it be better to go all the way back to “The New 52” in 2011?)

3). Pick up where I left off, around 2007?

4). Or am I better off just experimenting with stuff from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? Do I go back to “Death of Superman” (when I first started hearing about what was going on at “DC”) and go forward from there?

I’m not necessarily looking to follow just one character, or one writer, I’m more just looking where to follow the DC line and read forward from that point.


I’m a life long DC fan and I barely keep up with modern comics. If you like the comics from the 80s and 90s and haven’t read them, I would start there. That’s me though, read what you want to read. Try some things from different eras and figure out what you like best. My experience is that everyone starts all over the place before settling in what they like best.


Welcome back! I think you picked a good time to delve back into DC, since the company just started “Dawn of DC” a year long initiative meant to provide jumping on points for new readers.

I actually did a Google search looking for this infographic that shows what books will be part of this initiative (which they’re updating with each new announcement):

And ended up stumbling on this article, that does a good job of breaking down Dawn of DC:

I would start with:

  • Lazarus Planet, this is not essential, but it is filled with shorts that preview things to come.
  • Action Comics 1051. New status quo for Supes, meant as a jumping on point.
  • All the other issues (mostly #1s) listed in the article above, which are yet to be released.

Something exciting to me about recommending this as a jumping on point for folks. Reminds me of when I jumped onto comics with New 52, twelve years ago.

Which membership tier do you have? If Ultra, you’d only be a month behind and can follow along fairly soon. If regular membership, you’ll have to wait 6 months before the books are available on DCUI.

If you’re going to be waiting, check out “Infinite Frontier” from 2 years ago. It culminates in “Dark Crisis” the latest crisis event from DC which just ended in December, resulting in “Dawn of DC”. Here’s a link describing it and listing issues that can get you started (which should all be available on DCUI regular membership):


Good info! It certainly does sound like right now would be a great time to get in to current DC Comics. (or in the next few months. I have the regular membership, not the Ultra membership).

The fear I have is always missing out on good storylines from years past. But I suppose if I get into a stable routine reading the current comics, I can read older material. If only there was more time in the day…

On the flipside, I like TheBatmanofNML’s recommendation of going back to the 80’s and 90’s (though I fear there will be incomplete sections in the runs of comics).

I’ll probably try both, and see what interests me more.


Yeah, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. When you said you wanted to follow the “DC line”, I figured I’d give you a couple of recent entry points, but digging back like @TheBatmanofNML suggested can be a lot of fun too. Folks here are always happy to help if you have questions. The service has “Get To Know” sections too, if you’re interested in a particular character and want to see what’s available to read for ‘em. Good luck!


I’m alternating between the new stuff and going back and reading stuff I missed out on the first time 'round. I just finished up reading Sandman Mystery Theatre (about the Golden Age Sandman, Wesley Dodds). I spent a good chunk of the last month reading the 70 issues in between the new stuff that hits on Tuesdays.

Check out the recommendations on the homepage of the app, go to the storylines tab and see what piques your interests. So many comics right at our fingertips.

Is there any genre in particular you’re interested in? There are some great threads full of recommendations here that can definitely get you started on stuff to read.


I tend to like all things superheroes (besides Marvel Comics, my preference previously has been to just stick to Batman, but I do like finding little “Corners” of the DC universe - like “Legion of Superheroes”).

Now with so many comics available, I’m just looking to dive in to the whole line, find a starting point and to start reading forward (not every single series, but maybe a good portion of them. I might try some and see which writers/artists/characters I like best).

So really, I’m just deciding on my starting point, not necessarily which characters to focus on. Present day, 2016, 2011, or heck, 1992? 1985?

Or again, maybe I’ll experiment with both. I’m amazed you can find time to do “70 issues” of old material inbetween the new releases in the last month!


Honestly, it took me 2-3 months to get through those 70 issues. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and binge some old comics.


Sometimes I wish DCI had a layout more like MU. DCI has a lot of great features MU doesn’t, but MU’s layout is basically made to be used by people who don’t know where to start or how to navigate a comicbook database.


I did a poll asking a similar question, the results were dont start with Earth One or New 52.