So when are we gonna see some AMBUSH BUG love in current DC continuity again??

I just read the AMBUSH BUG comics and even though they’re a bit on the silly side, I think that the character could be used in some of the big events going on. His ability to break the 4th wall could help him see into the multiverse allowing Bug aid the heroes such as the JLA. I know that Deadpool is the king of 4th wall breaks right now, but the DC universe could use some of that too, but maybe in a more dynamic way. They brought Ambush Bug back in the NEW 52, but he hasn’t been around since. His witty banter and love for Hawaiian shirts would be an epic addition to all the seriousness that’s happening in the comics. That’s just my thoughts.


Either when a writer like Scott Snyder or Bendis has an idea for him or when he shows in Legends of Tomorrow or Doom Patrol




Cheeks is a great name for a guinea pig.

I’d love to see Irwin Schwab return to the DCU. His part in the Channel 52 segments was fun.

The problem is a new Ambush Bug solo series might be a tough sell to some people. Fans say they want different kinds of books, but when DC obliges those requests the fans that wanted them don’t buy them for whatever reason, the “comic books always have to be super, super serious” crowd doesn’t buy them and the sales the series does get aren’t enough to keep it going.

The Schwabinator has a future. He just needs to be handled by good talent and supported by open minded fans that like to laugh.


I think it would be cool to see Bug in series like Last Knight On Earth. Bug could be the guy that’s always been around and has information of the past that could help the heroes in the post apocalyptic condition, while making margaritas of course.

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I greatly enjoyed ambush bug and actually still own everything that was published of him I believe.

They would have to totally revamp him do it now.

I mean it was great atbit’s time the mid-80s, but a lot has changed in 30 years