So What’s up with Teen Titans after the movie credits?

so the after credit scene forTeen Titans go to the movies are the OG teen Titans saying they found a way back. Has this been mentioned again? Or completely forgotten?


Just saw it tonight. Hopefully they come back!

There’s supposed to be a Teen Titans Vs Teen Titans Go event on Cartoon Network sometime this year. Not sure if it’s a single episode or a series of them (ala The Night Begins to Shine) or a movie.

As an aside: TTGo To The Movies was pretty darn funny.

The word from people attached to the shows (like Tara Strong), was that if the GO! movie made enough money, they’d do a sixth season of the '03 series at the same time as the sixth season of GO! I took that as meaning that’d be physically working on making the episodes at the same time, but if they had scripted and animated the Titans cartoon everyone loves, I think we would’ve seen or heard something by now.

Like Super-Squirrel said, they did announce a crossover between the two versions, but I haven’t heard anything about it in months. It could be the crossover is as much of the '03 Titans we’ll get, or they (somehow) managed to keep everything quiet and it’ll be a launching point for a full sixth season.


Speaking off, IGN has an article about the crossover movie, featuring a trailer.
No specific release date of the Blu-ray besides “later this year”.

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This just dropped !