so what have y’all been reading

I used to be big on comics but honestly it got hard trying to keep up but recently I bought a subscription to this service and I thought now would be the best place to start again but I need help knowing where to start and what to read you guys have any recommendations ?

Depends on what you like!

@RagdollRebel I’m down to read anything tbh

Well im currently switching around between New Gods, Mister Miracle and George Perez’s run on Wonder Women which is really good.

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Here are some titles available here in the Comics section that I enjoy and recommend:

-Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
-The Flash: Rebirth (2009-2010)
-Green Lantern: Rebirth (2004-2005)
-Superman Unchained
-Vixen: Return of the Lion

Ongoing series:
-The Authority
-Gotham City Sirens
-Green Lantern (2005-2011)
-Power Girl
-The Power of Shazam!
-Wonder Woman (2011-2016)

-DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot
-Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special
-Superman Annual #11
-Superman: The Wedding Album

I hope something in the above can be of use to you. There’s a TON more options in the Comics area too!


Just finished Batman eternal it was long but I had a blast reading it. Injustice year 1 was rad and a real quick read. I’ve been hearing awesome things about 52 I think that’s the next one I’m going to start

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@RDB, have you read Infinite Crisis? If not, you might want to read that before 52 as it takes place after and references IC.

If you have read IC, then enjoy 52 :slight_smile:

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I’m considering Planetary, and I’m reading/rereading Doom Patrol. I think I’m gonna do a reread of the original Young Justice.

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I would start with Flashpoint. While technically not a DC “Crisis”, it is the starting point of all modern day (New 52 and Rebirth) DC comics. It is a fantastic read. Plus, everyone loves the Fastest Man Alive!

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HI All,
I have been a fan of Superman back in the days of the tv show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and I have loved the movies of Superman. So with starting to get into comic books now I found a comic book store near me and went and bought
Superman Action #1007 and 1006
Supergirl # 24,25,26 (SuperGirl2016 series.)
wounderTins #1

Also, I will be looking into start reading Batman. What are some good Batman series to start with at DC Universe?


@nkecskes, hi! Always nice to meet another Superman fan. You’ve got some fun books there.

Some Batman comic goodness available on DCU:

-Detective Comics #‘s 471-476. Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers’ run. Solid writing and art.
-Detective Comics #'s 871-881. This is The Black Mirror arc, which is very entertaining.
-The New 52 Batman ongoing series. Start with issues 1-6. The Court of Owls is introduced here.
-All-Star Batman #'s 1-5. A fun road trip story with Batman and Two-Face.

There’s alot of other good stuff starring Batman and his allies here too. Stories with Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Huntress and more can be found here.


@vroom thanks bud good looking out. I have read infinite crisis and I’m gonna do it again for a fun refresher.