So we basically only have 9 of the 13 Young Justice Episodes confirmed now.

Just saw a Twitter post from the official DC universe Twitter saying that “an all new episode of Young Justice Outsiders will air every week throughout July and August”. July only has 4 Tuesdays and August has 5, are the last 4 episodes being pushed to September? Or are the people directly overseeing the shows suddenly think It’s a “good idea” to turn the last 4 episodes of season 3 and turn them into the first four episodes of Season 4? And what happened to the episodes all airing in July?


thats what i want to know! i thought we were supposed to get it in july, how much longer will they make us wait? :neutral_face:


I think Swamp Thing happened.

When it went from 13 episodes to 10, DCU realized there might be a gap in original programming (Titans S2 isn’t coming until Fall), so they decided to stretch out the remainder of YJ episodes.

I still like the once-a-week releases, so I’ll be fine with the extended run.

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And if you’re worried about the timing, they could:

-Do a three-part premiere on July 2nd
-Do one a week for the next seven episodes
-Do a three-part finale

Or any combination of two-parters and three-parters. I’m sure they can find a way to make it fit without running into September (though, as I mentioned above, I wouldn’t mind that either).

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I thought it was 3 episodes a week

@Redhood just a few hours ago the official DC universe Twitter stated we’d be getting “an” (as in one) new episode of Young Justice Outsiders every week throughout July and August. Even though it was officaly stated by the creators and even this app that we’d be getting 3 episodes for the first three weeks and 4 on the last week of July. I just hope the fools who thought it was a good idea to scrap the finished Titans finale and last 3 episodes of Swamp Thing aren’t scrapping or delaying the last 4 episodes of Young Justice Outsiders. That’d just make me more pissed.


I find it hard to believe that there aren’t any problems when things like this happen.


Well this is a horrible decision… I am actually pretty upset by this.


It’s just so strange. They were supposed to have had the new season around launch of the app. The season was said by the creators to be dropping in Fall of 2018, but then got pushed to January. Now, we have to wait until Aug-Sep to finish a season that started in January. It’s just bizarre. On top of that, they haven’t green lit a season 4, so even if they do end up giving a season 4 the go-ahead, it’ll take years for that to be ready to air. They wouldn’t even continue the Young Justice digital comics that were DC Universe exclusives.


What I personally love about YJ is the daring and imaginative vision of what the regular DC universe should look like today! It’s a nudge forward, but all the icons are still there, it’s genius!

I felt that at least a couple of the final episodes of the run a few months ago showed signs that long segments were rushed: all that still-frame with narration overtop, like the story of Savage Vandal’s past, normally would have been powerfully animated. Those sections felt like I was watching a documentary on the series instead of the series.

Yeah, this new development unfortunately is yet another sign the new corporate overlords want to know where the DCU “beef” is, and see things are too much in the red financially for the start up, so they are perhaps trimming things here like a bonsai tree owner would…

The other area of concern to me as an avid user and fanatic here is: no expansion on what comes after Stargirl, not even a clue.


They should drop all 13 on July 2nd for making us wait so long.

Or they can drop 12 eps and release the last one a week later


Hopefully someone will clarify this because it makes zero sense to change the release schedule of a show due to the success or failure of a completely different show. Young Justice fans were expecting the same format as before, three episodes per week, as it’s roughly an hour of content. One 20-minute episode per week is not enough content. The wikipedia page projected the three-episode/week schedule, so I know we’re not alone in thinking it would continue like the first half.


I’m expecting a response later today @iJest . The mods had to wait about 12 or so hours for a response from wb for whatever reason about the whole swamp thing fiasco. If there isn’t a response already.

There’s no need for an announcement- we’re releasing 13 episodes. I’m confused as to the confusion. For those who watched YJ:O, the first half, you may recall we released more than one episode at a time.

I don’t think the release schedule has been published yet, but it is my understanding that we will be releasing 3 episodes on July 2nd, and a single episode thereafter.

I’m sorry that the Swamp Thing scenario planted a state of concern in viewers.


Thanks @AppleJack for the info and release schedule. Much appreciated as always.


It wasn’t just Swamp Thing, @Applejack. Someone on the official DC Universe Twitter wrote a tweet saying an episode would be dropping each week throughout July and August.

^ Which didn’t mean what you thought it meant.

The Tweet says that new episodes will be dropping every week through July and August, but rather than using some common sense, you jumped to the silly conclusion that only 9 of the promised 13 episodes were going to premiere during those months because there are only 9 Fridays during that period of time and had a freakout.

The problem isn’t with the Tweet; it’s with your reaction.


If the tweet is the same as what’s posted on Instagram it reads an All-New Episode every Tuesday throughout July and August. There is nothing pillaging that statement. If it said all new episodes throughout July and August I would agree people are jumping to conclusions. The fact that official social media accounts say one thing then the official post in the Watchtower says something different people are justified in being confused or wanting to know what’s going on. If it’s just a simple error that was posted on Twitter and Instagram was has it not been corrected and why not post in the Watchtower thread that it was a simple mistake? To me it seems like stopping the spread of misinformation soon rather than later would be the best thing to do.

Pillaging should be plural about and was has should be why has. Please forgive my table’s auto corrections.

Sorry I missed this and posted the same question, good to hear that is the case.