So Titans is amazing!

I just got done binge watching seasons 1 and 2 while the apocalypse happens outside. Really wishing I had those shock batons Grayson beat the hell out of deathstroke with.


I started season 2 and got very tired of the Dick keeping secrets “for the good of the team”. I turned it off in the middle of the Dr Light episode and haven’t missed it. I just feel like Ive seen and read that schtick a hundred times before and it’s so predictable. Leader keeps secrets. Secrets endanger team. Leader learns to trust team. Team gets stronger.
Not saying it’s a bad show, I was actually impressed by the quality for a rookie streaming service, it just wasn’t for me.
So now I am plowing through The Expanse. I watched it on SyFy but restarted so I could watch the newest season. It’s so good. Starting season 4 tomorrow.

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The beginning of season 2 does have that. Its gets better though in the last moments something big happens with Donna Troy that I really think they did as an afterthought. I hope season 3 resolves it.