so they canceled Second Coming

Smart move I guess they may have learned a lesson after that debacle Swamp Thing issue years ago where you supposedly was the angel who ministered to Jesus before the crucifixion and had to cover it was him shaped like a cross with blood coming out his hands good move I’m glad the Creator to take it somewhere else

From what I understand the creator decided to publish it on another brand.

I can’t say it was on my pull list, but if it had been pulled due to groups pressuring DC into it I wouldn’t have agreed with the decision. Society needs to move past letting religion dictate what freedom of speech entails.

It’s easy to avoid reading subject matters that don’t appeal to ones beliefs.

If Monty Python had been silenced we would never have had the masterpiece Life of Brian. I’m pretty sure Superman himself is some kind of Jesus derivative.


True but DC would never have gotten away with this or would try to if it was a Muslim comic book so you can’t have a double standard here


DC having double standards what I meant

I doubt DC got any push back from any groups, at least I haven’t seen anything online about it. I mean DC has long published stuff with Christianity connotations; seriously they’ve been publishing Lucifer for decades and I’m sure someone can write a complete dissertation on Superman as the Jesus figure. Knowing Mark Russell’s writing he probably pushed the envelope a little too far and DC decided is was not on brand for them.

I for one was really excited about this series and still looking forward to reading it at another publisher. I’m glad Russell is not scrapping the idea and he will eventually get to tell the story.

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Considering their recent censoring with Batman: Damned, I think they’re just being trigger Ashton doing anything really controversial, which I honestly think is a bit of a shame. Having read some of his past work, I doubt anything in this Second Coming book would have been anything truly insulting.

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I seem to recall a little DC published title called Preacher…


Pixel, i will never forget the best funnybook of all time

Again I point out what they have contemplated do the comic book based on the Muslim religion or is Christian’s fair game

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Unless there is a Second Coming for The Second Coming.

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It’s not something I was ever going to check out in the first place, but I will say it didn’t seem very…tasteful. It’s hard to say since it’s not even out yet lol.
In any case, to my understanding it is still being published, so people can still check it out for themselves.
On one hand I don’t think it’s fair to judge a work before it comes out and on the other I understand and relate 100% to people wanting accurate and positive religious representation. Lots of nuance and lots of controversy, which is sure to get even more people to buy it lol.
In the end, the most important thing to me is being respectful of others- in agreement or disagreement, same or different religions, skin colors, etc. We’re all human beings, and we’re all trying to get through life <3 <3


I think it sets a bad precedent in that there are plenty of things in other comics that the sort of people who object to this find offensive. Are they going to kill off Kate Kane to create a straight Batwoman? Are they just going to take Preacher out of print or remove all references to pagan gods from Wonder Woman and Shazam?


Ironically, Batwoman was originally created to subvert critiques who thought Batman was homosexual. Little did they know that by creating a character to divert that idea, the idea of a homosexual character later became a reality.


That’s too bad. I was looking forward to the series.

And a fan favorite homosexual at that!! Gotta love how that played out!
Also, your “second coming for Second Coming” comment had me literally LOLing


I wasn’t a fan of the Bat wang, but I was less of a fan of the “after the fact” editing. Same thing here. I wouldn’t have bought Second Coming; I assumed it has an offensive aim. But they need to stop the “after the fact” editing. They shouldn’t announce a title, and then halt it.

Of course, we have no idea why it was pulled. Maybe the creator didn’t like the terms, or the compensation, or whatever. Maybe the decision had nothing to do with DC.