So....Teen Titans Go! to the Movies?

Alright, honestly I thought this movie was pretty amazing if you entirely disconnect it from the TV show. The music was great, there are some great action sequences, and an overall great story. What does everyone else think?


Like the show, loved the movie.

I watched it with my stepdaughter and niece, we all really enjoyed it. I think it is a good introduction to the characters that can be enjoyed by all ages. In fact the girls got interested in the movie from a preview they saw at another movie. They didn’t start watching the show until after they had seen the movie.

I loved it and laughed the whole time. And I think “Alfred, the movie” is actually not a bad idea. Sllaaaaaddde lol!

The kids and I watched it the day it came out. Loved it, and all the inside jokes and DC Comics references.

Took my wife to see it in theaters and she was dreading it. After she wouldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed it and wants to watch it again.

I liked it, whole lotta comic book references and a suprise cameo …ive never actually seen the tv show tho


Such great feedback, guys! I am going to see it this weekend and I am super stoked!

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No, ofcourse I don’t know the words to 2 of the songs. Pffft. Great movie!

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i saw it three times. thought it was great. at first teen titans go pissed me off, wanted a continuation of the original like all of us did. but now i can’t get a enough of it. i think its hilarious.

Not a huge fan of the show but I really enjoyed the movie. The voice acting casting was spot on. “He don’t know who we is!”

I like the show, but I haven’t seen the movie yet…i know fml.

“I think he’s dead is a cop run!”

  • dad not dead lol. Stupid autocorrect.