So... Since These Characters Are Back Can We Get A New Titans Comic?

With Dick Grayson back to himself again finally, Starfire and Cyborg back from the time stream is it too much to ask that we get a new Titans book? I mean Wally still needs to come back but… that’s likely in the cards already. I wanna see Nightwing get back together with Starfire, Donna Troy, Wally, Raven, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, and maybe Omen. Cyborg can stay with the Justice League. He seems to fit there, like it’s a better place for him. But bring in Kaldur to replace Garth and Artemis to replace Arsenal.
I just really want Titans back in comics. Who else?


Yes please!


Wally’s fine, It’s just Roy who needs a “rebirth” Although, I will admit, the Classic Titans team always seems to break apart sooner or later…


Well personally idc about Roy. I would much prefer Artemis from Young Justice. But I thought Wally was doing the mobius chair thing? Did that end already or something?


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That’s because of bad writing. Dump the latent teen angst–they’re adults–and make them every bit as formidable as the Justice League and the Justice Society of America and the book will work.