So season 4 of Young Justice will still focus on the light but i know we will be getting more Teen Titans characters and also i feel and sense that Vixen, Mera, Circe, Starfire, Raven, Damian, Talia, Huntress, and Batwoman will eventually appear.....

Young Justice Season 4 Hubble

The character usage was plentiful & lots of hints. The Poe references were awesome. DC uses Poe & Alice in Wonderland & Wizard of Oz a lot. The episode named Nevermore,(last episode ),my favorite Poe poem. Black Lightning says the phrase “ When I nodded napping, Suddenly there came a tapping” to Luthor when they expose the link & how they (Batman, Oracle, & Black Lightning) & more were spying on Luthor. Which is a line from the “Raven” in Nevermore. In “ To Kill a Legend “ Elongated Man & Sue solve Poes last mystery after his death, & Elongated Man was referenced in the ep. Legion ring on waitress at Bibbos was awesome. Thinking Saturn Girl, as she was the lone female founder. Plus the lone female who traveled to Metropolis with Cosmic Boy & Live Wire aka Lightning Lad. Idk. some say it’s Supergirl, & I couldn’t complain either way. Both would fit since Superboy was who she was serving. So Supergirl & Superboy connection? Or fact that Kon-El has been to 30th century with the Legion? Gets confusing cuz so many Superboys & clones have materialized or traveled to 30th century with Legion. Have to wait & see I guess. That’s what makes YJ so great.

Also, Lobo ending was priceless.

I also think wally will return fromt the speedforce next season

Batwoman actually did appear this season. But hopefully they actually involve her next season! To be honest, this season seemed like a lot of set up with no real payoff. I loved the characters used, but the storyline was lacking.

The whole season was great. I was disappointed in the end. It felt like nothing was wrapped up. Just a bunch of open threads for next season. I am glad more is coming but I think I would have preferred a bigger climax.

This season was very topical, especially in the meta- human trafficking and impact of social media as a public platform.

Considering none of our heroes really know the involvement between Savage & Darkseid, I wonder if season 4 will be “what we’ve been doing is small potatoes.”

No heroes even know much if anything about Savage having WarWorld. While taking down Lex from head of the UN doesn’t seem like a big deal, I think it will be seen as the biggest achievement of season 3. Gives the various teams more room to maneuver, especially with a major Savage/Darkseid item waiting in the wings.