so ready

I can’t wait for the live action swamp thing. He has been one of my favorites since before I knew about comic books. Used to watch the old animated series forever ago and even have some of the action figures from back then still.


It should be good. I’m pretty excited!

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Did you ever watch 90s live action show? It was pretty decent

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And Adrienne Barbeau says she’s in it! She was SO cool in the movie.

I never read the comic much (should check some issues out on here, but getting backed up on things I should be reading. Damn work and making a living.

But I loved the TV series when I was a teenager and liked the movies (while looking back I am sure they are not what I remember but hear they are good in a B movie camp way) so I am all for giving it a chance. The pleasantly surprised me with Doom Patrol so I am cautiously optimistic.

I don’t know…the six episode Swamp Thing animated series is a high bar to lift a leg with minimum effort over. We’ll see if the DCU show can top it (it will in every way possible).

The classic live action TV show was fun. Arcane’s mullet is the stuff of legend (along with two or three cans of hairspray).

I cannot wait for Swampy!! :slight_smile:

I remember reading some Swamp Thing comics back in the day, and liked them to a point. I did see a Swamp Thing movie, but I do not remember much at all about it. I am not sure I ever seen any of the Swamp Thing live action series, or the animated series. I guess I am behind on things.

I am not fond of horror, but a little bit now and then does tend to spice things up some. I will check out the new version of Swamp Thing when it comes out, but I am much more looking forward to Stargirl.

I will give Swamp Thing a chance though.


“Swamp Thing…you are everything…oh, Swamp Thing!”

Love the ST cartoon and it’s riff on Wild Thing :slight_smile:

I just remember the 80s movie Swamp Thing…i also cant wait for it. Swampy has a cool look then and now,.