So no one is going to talk about [TITANS SPOILER]

Krypto. That dog killed a guy Rambo style…bazooka and all. Why is this not discussed?


That’s actually a really good point. There’s been a few things this season I don’t completely jive with. I’m liking what’s happening it’s just small details. Like how Conner shouldn’t have had to rest for a few days if Kori just healed him with the power of the sun… I was like, who wrote this script?


I get tired when I’m out in the sun too long. :slight_smile:


Well, those guys did draw First Blood…


Havent been all that excited about Titans this time around, really. Boobs and f bombs all around but vertigo comics are a no-go? The episodes wanna feel all TENSION TENSION, but after each new show I kinda wanna just read a Bob Haney book and climb outta the dark pit i just spent an hour in


Love the show, but on re-watch of S2E9, I noticed something too. Conner attacks the two police officers were arresting that man. Okay, I get the mistake. Then more police arrive, after it’s all over, and immediately attack him. They didn’t see anything more than a guy standing there, but opened fire without hesitation.

Well he resisted and they did see tons of cops on the ground. I will say though that the Krypto thing was funny, I just was not expecting that at all. I do like the actors they chose for both the dog and superboy. In certain angles and lighting, the guy does look a bit like Henry Cavill which is cool. Overall enjoying the season more than the first.