So... John Diggle

So with the easter-egg slash reveal that John Diggle was a Green Lantern on another Earth, are we finally gonna see a Green Lantern series on the CW, or at least as part of the existing shows? Maybe on Supergirl?


I really hope it was more than just a little nod and actually leads to something after Crisis


I was wrong earlier, GL may not work on the Batwoman series … Supergirl, though, definitely

assuming next season is Arrow’s last, Crisis turning Diggle into a Lantern would be a fantastic way to keep David Ramsey on TV … maybe also turn Dinah Drake into a Jessica Cruz situation


Why are people thinking Arrow may end? Is something being rumored?

I heard Stephen Amell contract ends in 2019. That may be why people think arrow might end.

Hmm. The ending definetly hints of something big coming for Oliver and it could be death but it could also be setting up a personality change to finally match the comics

With Psycho Pirate all is possible.

I listened to the interview Stephen Amell did with Michael Rosenbaum on his podcast. He does talk about his contract ending, but says that right now he would be open to continuing if a new agreement can be worked out. They have a really interesting discussion on what goes into those contracts and how they change once the show becomes a hit. I highly recommend listening to it.

I don’t know where I was because I completely missed the Diggle as Green Lantern hint. I’ll have to go back and find it.

It’s very brief but it’s there and if they can merge Diggle with John Stewart that would be incredible!

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Green Lantern is too expensive to do justice on TV. SFX budget would kill it. You’d end up with really short seasons. Budget is one of the reasons Legends runs shorter seasons.

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When John Wesley Shipp’s Flash arrives, he recognizes Diggle and asked where his ring was.

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I was stoked when he asked why Diggle didn’t have his ring. Green Lantern would be dope!

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I would be okay with a 10-13 episode Green Lantern series on the CW or have it as part of Supergirl.

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This topic is officially relevant again now that we’ve gotten another Easter egg! John’s step father’s last name was recently revealed to be “Stewart”. We may get to see John earn a Green Lantern power ring by Arrow’s end next season :thinking:

Green Lantern constructs would cost some expensive CG, and Supergirl likes to hide their alien characters behind cloaking devices that make them look human, so it seems that alien characters might be too pricey as well. So I don’t think we’ll see a live action show any time soon (even though I’d LOVE one). But why not add Green Lanterns to the Arrowverse? Hal Jordan was already confirmed to exist in both Flash AND Arrow, so honestly I’d just love to see Hal and John appear at all as GLs in one of the CW shows.


Agree with what others day, I love Green Lantern but even with a shortened season have my doubts they could pull it off on a CW budget.

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Not likely since a green lantern movie is beening made but we can all dream can’t we lol

Just to distinguish him from our Earth’s version and prevent confusion, I think he should be called “Don Jiggle.”

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Cw would ruin it… Water it down at best. Rather see GL on big screen. And CW wouldn’t disappoint with the costume design but with the writing. I can just see it now.

Maybe Diggle will get a Green Lantern ring for the final battle of the Crisis Crossover.


@Beagle, I think that would be ideal. And epic. Then Green Lantern could transition into Supergirl or another show after Arrow ends.