So far, far behind on DC Legends of Tomorrow

I do love this show, but sometimes have to take a break, because (for instance) the Wave Rider will fly within the reach of the giant green future robot, so the show can have a more interesting visuals than the Rider using its ranged weapons to the team’s advantage.

And then there’s just going back in time, with Fred Rogers, finding baby Vandal Savage, and raising him better.

But tonight, watching season 1, episode 15, the “Love Will Keep Us Together” virus taking over all the other time ships cracked me up. That has made it all worthwhile. I’ve heard there’s even more amazing comedy to come, so I’ll keep forcing myself past the unavoidable dumb stuff. Please thank everyone involved for all their good work.

And now I will try posting an image that reflects how I’ve been thinking about “DC Legends of Tomorrow.”
It’s family-friendly, and safe for work, but it is very silly.