So Excited to Be Back!

I started my service back up and was so hyped to finish watching the original shows and reading the comics I had on hold that I went out and bought 2 more figures to add to my collection. I love the quality of the new lines. Looking forward to getting lost in the dc universe.


VERY good choices, @Newgotham52! Happy to have you here amongst DC friends :slight_smile: Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions about this here community- there’s lots of great resources and tools at your disposal, if you’re interested :partying_face:


Welcome back. I love that Batgirl. It’s bookmarked for a future date for my collection.


Welcome back, I think that Batgirl looks so great. I can’t wait to add her to my collection.


That Batman statue is awesome looking,do u plan on keeping it mint in the box or opening it?


Cool! Welcome back to the forum!

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Thanks! I plan on displaying it outside the box cause you can’t make out a lot the details. But definitely keeping batgirl in the box.

Welcome back to the community.

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Welcome back to DC Universe, @Newgotham52! :heart: I’m doubly glad to see you joining us here on the community side of things. Thank you for your warm introduction and I hope that you have a wonderful time here with everyone.

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