So exactly what order should the batman movies be watched (bad blood, hush, batman vs robin)

I’m just trying to figure out if there is a chronological order in which I should be watching these movies, especially with the latest release of Hush

Specifically the Batman movies in the DCAMU?

Son of Batman
Batman vs. Robin
Batman: Bad Blood
Batman: Hush

Batman appears in other movies in the DCAMU, but those are the films starring him.

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Yeah, just look up the release dates of the movies. That’s the order.

Though I would say,

Son of Batman (Skip it unless you don’t know who Damian is and want to know)

Batman vs. Robin (It’s okay)

Batman: Bad Blood (Hard skip)

Batman: Hush (the first good regular universe Batman movie in too long)

Check the news section, HCQ lays out a pretty good timetable for the animated universes.