so...did anyone forget spoiler was robin too!!?

Now that steph is now back as robin in continuity, what else will they bring?

They re-established that she was Robin for a while?


I’d like for them to totally throw out Stephanie’s reinvention, and more importantly Cassandra Cain’s, and more or less just retcon Harper Row out of their lives entirely. I mean, really show that the whole “Bluebird is perfect” theme in the Eternal books never happened, Tim Drake was never an arrogant jack wagon, Steph and Cass’ Dads aren’t dead, they keep their masks on while out in costume, Cass doesn’t have a serial killer’s name, and–well, basically anything Tynion retconned about them is just gone.
But that’s probably too much to ask for, considering these are obscure characters DC’s heads don’t give a flying rat’s butt about.

Are you referring to the moment where stph discovered in another ime line she was Robin?