So All of the Titans are Murderers Now

With this latest episode (ep. 7), all of the Titans are officially murderers now that Gar chewed the guts out of some guy while shape-shifted as a tiger. What’s more, the other Titans added to their murder toll in this latest episode. Rachel murders Doctor Adamson and doesn’t seem all that upset about it. Unlike before, it seems she was fully in control of her powers and willfully killed him. If Dick didn’t already kill at least a few of those guards with the pipe, he flat out told Kory to blow the asylum up, killing everyone inside including any other innocent people being held against their will (assuming Rachel’s mom wasn’t the only one).

Now I haven’t been very up to date on the current line up of DC comics, but is this how it is now with heroes? I’m used to seeing where it might happen in self-defense or to prevent innocents from getting killed, but now it’s okay for heroes to kill whenever they get mad?

It seems this show goes overboard wanting to be “edgy” and “dark” and pushes aside the virtues of true superheroes. Am I in a minority on this one? What do you guys think? I’m not abandoning the show or advocating others do, but it’s getting to be a bit much how dark DC’s going with Titans. At first, I hoped the murders were there to show the contrast of where they came from to how they become true heroes, but I’m not so sure anymore. They just seem like irredeemable psychopaths that aren’t much better than the bad guys.


Nah they’ll be redeemable, always a chance and hope


Dick seems to have perverted Robin into something beyond what it should stand for, so I’m glad he’s moving on from that role. He seems angry at Bruce, and it is clouding his judgment. My personal head canon is that some of the anger comes from Bruce sleeping with Barbara (seen in the Batman Beyond comic series as well as the Killing Joke movie), who Dick had feelings for. I’m hopeful Dick and Bruce can have a reckoning, and Dick can lighten up. By the time he is Nightwing and leader of the Titans, I hope to see him stop killing unless it is necessary to save lives. The other Titans will follow suit if he lays this rule down, because they respect him as their leader.


my apologies this is long but oh my goshhh really…let me start out by saying I completely respect your opinion. However, I am getting tired of seeing these posts. “it’s too dark” “why are they trying to be edgy” “since when is insert superhero name a murderer” …

this show is not that “dark” !!! Stop mistaking realism for dark. It’s not animated so how do you expect beast boy to actually do damage as a ferocious tiger/lion/bear/rhino without bloodshed. NEWSFLASH…it’s impossible lol This is what superhero crime fighting looks like…remember that scene when beast boy basically mauled Slade in teen titans (cartoonnetwork) at the carnival cuz he was fueled with rage…how do you think that would of been potrayed in a movie or basically non-animated. It’s the same concept with all of the titans. It’s time we stop looking for reasons to dislike and hate and just either say, “This show isn’t for me” and move on. Doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the show or the actors.

Lastly, look at the context…this episode…Asylum…they were all captured and tortured to the highest degree…they escaped and were enraged…plus they’re young with strong, violent meta human abilities…I think its realistic for them to lose control and make some irrational decisions to get back at their captors (i.e. burning the place down)


Jewish people were experimented on in ww2. these people were run through pushed past they had ever experienced. and you would call them murderers? the information that was gathered included batman’s identity, an aliens powers and weakneses and additional notrs and files on Raven. this isn’t the Batcomputer folks. it all had to go, along with the people who knew.
flipside, each of the titans killed in this episode. or by action let killing happen. it will haunt them and a hero, by title, should be above situations that we couldn’t handle. killing isn’t power, it’s just human.


The results of the episode could be used later to build their story arcs further and make them want to forge as a good superhero team.

Preview for next episode shows them being broken and splitting but will obviously likely get back together and become official than just alliance like right now.

Let the whole season play out than just wanting exactly like the comics or cartoons right away. It’s an origin and foundation season and like the titans cartoons where there are all already established in the DC universe


How do you expect things to look in life action? Real life is far more ‘dark’ than cartoons. Do you think when mauling people Beast Boy doesn’t kill them, even by mistake? Raven is fighting a darkness in her, you don’t think it doesn’t occasionally take over? Starfire shoots flames, shes not killing anyone when the catch fire? And I have always said in real life there is no way Batman and Robin wouldn’t even accidentally kill with batarangs and other gadgets.


I haven’t seen Titans. I’m not going to watch it till the season ends. That being sead. I love dark hero shows. I wish they would make more of them. I know there are many people who don’t like darkness. The violence. I don’t like the shows on tv because they are happy,campy,bright and full of glee. But I won’t attack them either. We need both. Something for the family and kids. And something for the adults. This app has plenty of happy campy. Please don’t encourage them take are one small patch of darkness away.


Unlike everyone else I actually agree with you. I understand everyone’s point that super powers would result in very violent effects. However I think they are trying to out Marvel the Marvel Netflix shows in terms of being dark and edgy. I wish that they would make these characters heroic and iconic like Marvel has done with their movies rather than trying to capture that same Netflix superhero audience.

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Sorry and after thought. Remember Tim Burton’s Batman. When Batman attempted to murder jack Napier at axis chemicals. And Johnny gobs, and everyone at axis chemicals when he blew it up. And of course the joker at the end. No self defense. Not trying to save people. Straight up murder. A lot of murder. But that’s ok. Because he’s Batman!


Both styles can co-exist. Comics across all companies have a balance of campy old school heroics and dark/gritty tales with the the top considered best/favorite ones having both styles.

The balance has also existed across all media and so I don’t get why people are being such p***s about the dark tone and violence.

If it’s not for you then fine, say it once and move on to something else that is more for you as there are plenty of that around as well.

Titans is what it is and so take it or leave it. stop b*thing because the season is already filmed and s2 is coming. The balanced tone of the Doom Patrol episode and one after was perfect. I’ll be disappointed if S2 goes JL style after the same type of complaints of BvS


I’m with you OP. I was pleasantly surprised with this show until this latest episode. The show was slowly improving every week but this last episode left me feeling sour. Some “heroes”. It’s Batman V Superman all over again. I don’t know if I’ll ever see my Titans on screen. This is the stuff DC gets made fun of for. Now I’ll just prepare to get down voted to hell

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They aren’t heroes yet though except Dick used to be. You say used to be/was as if this episode was season finale or the template for every episode from now on

It makes sense. That they would portray DC Heroes as more Dark and Edgy. Marvel is dominating the market in happy go lucky heroes. Look what happened with Justice League and Suicide Squad. They attempted to copy Marvel’s formula, or I should say the studios did. Most of us witnessed the news of them constantly rewriting. Hell, even Ben Affleck gave up. The right decision is keep DC dark. It’s their market and they’re pretty good at it.

Side note,
When Robin revealed he was Robin to the titans. That shit was corny as hell.
Robin: My friends are in trouble. Let me get my tights on.


I respect your opinion but I agree with @deku_

Realistically the TT would be darker and more brutal in life. The cartoon obviously was very PG because of more “conservative” audiences would have been upset. A great example of this sense of caution was Slade never being referred to as a mercenary or Deathstroke. You couldn’t possibly be a hero in the real world without killing or brutalizing people who won’t let you take them in. I feel like people are letting the biased criticism against the DCEU influence their perceptions on who these characters, what they’ve done in the comics, and what they likely would do if they were real. They wouldn’t be like the Donner Superman who was more based upon Donner’s own view of Superman versus who he was in the comics at that time.

Plus, Marv Wolfman who wrote the 1980’s TT book that this season is based on loves it. He said he would have done it exactly like this if he wasn’t censored and after reading his comics I couldn’t agree more. This is the greatest and most accurate iteration of the Titans with some twists here and there.


for the people complaining, do you realize you’re basically saying…this is too “dark” for me so it’s shit. I just read someone say, “it’s BvS all over again and this is why DC gets made fun of” Come on guys…at least have VALID points as to why Titans isn’t a good tv show…not just subjective opinions saying that its to violent/gorey.

And plz stop bringing up Marvel, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR COMPARISON. Someone else claimed that DC was trying again to replicate marvel’s formula. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT DC IS PLANNING/DOING/THINKING ABOUT IN REGARDS TO THIS APP/FUTURE FILMS/ORGINAL TV CONTENT. I absolutely hate hearing that and it’s so ignorant to think as an entitled fan sitting behind a computer screen that you could possibly know what it is DC has in store for us/what their intentions were with said content.

Just stop watching Titans…like someone else mentioned, S2 was already confirmed so move on instead of continuously giving the same complaint weekly: starfires a hooker, its too dark, they’re all psychopaths, etc


I’m conflicted on Titans. Guest appearances, music and Teagan Croft as Raven have been fantastic. I understand they were in a tough situation last episode but all the killing is just seems way out of character for Beast Boy or Starfire. I don’t care if that’s "realistic "or not. I’m about servicing the story. It made sense for Punisher cause he is…you know. I’m not so sure here on this. I’ll finish this season and decide if I want to watch an S2 from there.

I too feel a twinge of discomfort when the heroes blatantly do unheroic things like kill innocents. So you’re not alone.

But I’ve been able to separate the show from the comic lore. I enjoy it for what it is - a cool, gritty action show with new characters based on the comics. Not a historically accurate retelling of the old stories.

Once I do that, I really dig Starfire’s asskickery and Gar’s chomping of Random_Evil_Scientist #2.


Nickweiser, it is probably least out of character for Starfire; if we look at the early 80s TT comics where she was introduced, there were repeated instances where she would have killed opponents, but for the others telling her that wasn’t how things were done here. Lacking her memories of who and what she is may also be throwing off her decision making process a bit, but I’m going to guess that this is just a Starfire who acts as the 80s comics version wanted to.

The show has shown the characters doing a really poor job of ‘secret identities’ so far, and I suspect the body count reflects this somewhat.


Thank you for clearing this up Christopher!

My knowledge comic wise is moderate on the Titans so I’m glad this clears things up at least on her end.

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