So about the DCEU (without Shazam spoilers)

Is the story arc being rebooted? I keep seeing conflicting reports stating it is and isn’t but with Affleck done, Cavill questionable you still have Gal and Momoa. Not to mention the new addition of Zachary! Feel free to discuss!!!

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Great post, but I am going to move this to TV, Films and Games to gain some traction.


I think as long as the new movies focus on solo type adventures, then the universe can still exist for fun cameos/references. Also, down the road a bit, I think big teamups could be given another shot. However, some Marvel movies actually started to bug me because it felt like the focus was too much on the universe connections instead of the specific character and his/her ‘world’ I wanted to explore in his/her movie. By refocusing on solo type films, hopefully DC can avoid this issue moving forward.

After seeing Shazam, I’d say no to a total reboot. A soft reboot perhaps.

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c02, that’s kinda how I am with Marvel. There’s to much interconnectivity. Like was Iron Man really necessary for the Spider-Man movie. And now for the sequel there is Nick Fury. Nobody has a true “stand alone” in Marvel anymore. I’m fine with a mention of other characters (like in Wonder Woman & Aquaman) But they don’t need to show up in each other’s films all the time. They are able to do it in the comics, why not the films? That’s kind of why when DC/WB decided against combining the DCEU and Arrowverse because of “storyline issues” I thought it was crap. They run solo comics along side JLA or Titans all the time. They only really merge during the “event” periods. The movies could have done the same. Acknowledge they are in a shared universe. Do a cameo every now and then. But run them on their own.

To be honest, I have no idea where WB is going with the DCEU. Affleck is out, Cavil hasn’t said a word, so I’m guessing he’s still Superman, and now Miller is said to be out, but that hasn’t been confirmed. If I were WB I would reboot the universe, but without ignoring the current films like Aquaman, WW, and now Shazam. I would keep Miller and just do a crisis on Infinite Earth’s film to get everyone organized and be able to settle on a solid cast. I think Reeve’s Batman film will be a Year One sorta film, so I don’t know if his Batman will be the new Batman for the future JL films. WB is literally going in every direction with all their films and I don’t know how they’ll get everyone to come together in the same timeline.

Soft reboot