Snyder Cut Plot Hole Question

I loved the movie but I have one question that’s been bugging me and can’t seem to find a good answer.

How did Darkseid forget where the Anti-life equation was.

I found a Reddit post with the same question that has some good points as to why this is a plot hole if you want to take a look.

Any ideas as to why he wouldn’t remember where his most prized planet seizing tool is?


I think the top comments on that post sum it up well enough. W/ Darkseid forced to retreat and the mother boxes shut off, he wasn’t able to find Earth again and thus went back to conquering other planets. It seems like they all kinda forgot about it for a long time until Steppenwolf brought it up


But even if they forgot where the planet is shouldn’t they have connected the dots once steppenwolf found the first mother box. Like hey we left some mother boxes on this primitive planet where we got our first loss. Then steppenwolf calls and is like hey I’m on this primitive planet and found a mother box you would think they would be like oh man that’s it that’s where the anti life equation is. I’m also not convinced that Darkseid would so easily forget his first defeat and the fact that one of the most powerful weapons he’s looking for was on that planet.


I once punched Darkseid so hard he got amnesia. That is why.


I mean it’s not like it would’ve made much of a difference if they realized it after the 1st mother box as opposed to the 2nd. And I doubt that he completely forgot it, but considering there are probably millions, maybe even billions, of planets, it seems more understandable that they’d all lose track of earth w/out the boxes to bring them there


my personal has no backing thoery is this, diana mentions gaurdians from the stars now all we see is a GL but with the actual blue gaurdians were involved they just didn’t have enough good CGI for it? so gaurdians want to prevent Darkseid from getting anti life formula so they did some shady/unthical stuff to hide it and Earth. i mean they’ve done stuff like that before, like I said though no real evidence in the film for this

Another thing to consider – it’s possible that no one wants to remind Darkseid of the planet where one of it’s gods nearly chopped his head off.


Granny or Glorious Gordon Godfrey could just mind control somebody else into doing it. Desaad could sky write it.