Snyder Cut - Martian Manhunter

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It has been rumored that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick from Man of Steel and BvS is Martian Manhunter, and that has me wondering something. First, do you guys consider Martian Manhunter a household name? I feel like he’s not as mainstream as some of the other heroes. If this is true, and he’s featured in the Snyder cut, do you think this will allow Martian Manhunter to become more well known, or will the people watching the Snyder cut already know about him?


It’s confirmed that he is Martian Manhunter. Also, the character has appeared on the Supergirl TV series, so I’m not sure if many people will first meet him in the Snyder Cut.

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I remember being introduced to Martian Manhunter on the animated Justice League series, but it does not seem like he has become a household name. I still meet plenty of people who have never heard of him, so I’m wondering if this could be the movie that excels his popularity.

The gave him 20-30 million dollars to finish the movie so I don’t think we’re gonna see his alien form. So I don’t think his gonna be introduced as Martian Manhunter in this movie.

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But why does the budget mean we won’t see his alien form? I’m not following your logic.

Well, they have to finish the special effects for the scenes they already shot and I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of money left for Martian Manhunter’s CGI and stuff.
Although I hope they mention him in the end or something like that.

Zack Snyder wants Martian Manhunter in the movie, so I’d bet their budget covers whatever costs are needed for that to happen.

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Since the Martian Manhunter scene was shot, I would think that’s one of the items they’re expecting him to finish the CGI on.