SNL (Saturday Night Live) hosted by "Aquaman" Jason Mamoa

Who’s watching? What did you think?

Forgot he was hosting. I’ll give it a whirl.

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Yeah, going to watch it on Hulu in a bit. Prepping for the big debut “Aquaman!” This coming weekend with the Prime exclusive

I recorded it and Momoa aside (who I liked in his skits), the rest of the episode sucked. SNL just isn’t funny anymore in most respects and hasn’t been for so long now.

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So true

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I used to be a dedicated SNL fan. Not anymore. It’s become hard to watch sometimes. But when someone like Jason Mamoa Hosts I’ll check it out. I know he’s good for at least a few laughs.

Those pink pants he wore at the beginning. Those were…interesting.

The best sketch was where he was a stay at home dad with the heavy kitchen equipment lol

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Was that the one where he was running through the house? I zoned out by that point and had my finger on the FF button.

Oh for the SNL days of Myers, Carvey and Hartman…