SNL Cast in the DC Universe

Batman: The Audio Adventures has me wondering how many SNL cast members have played roles in DC productions before, so I’ve made a list. In cases where players have portrayed multiple roles, I’ve pared it down to their most significant. Let me know if I’ve missed anybody!

(This list goes out to @JayeJ.Jimenez, DC and television super-fan, who’s been having a pretty hard time this week. Hope you feel better soon.)

Laraine Newman (1975-1980):

  • Toby Raynes (Superman: The Animated Series)
  • Baby-Doll (The New Batman Adventures)
  • Medusa (Justice League Unlimited)
  • Miss Minerva (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)

Gilbert Gottfried (1980-1981):

  • Nick Nack (Superboy)
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk (Superman: The Animated Series)

Laurie Metcalf (1981):

  • Mary McGowan (Supergirl, “Schott Through the Heart”)

Gary Kroeger (1982-1985):

  • Beechum (Batman: The Animated Series, “Paging the Crime Doctor”)

Pamela Stephenson (1984-1985):

  • Lorelei Ambrosia (Superman III)

Nora Dunn (1985-1990):

  • Oona (DMZ)

Jon Lovitz (1985-1990):

  • Sid Sharp (Justice League Action, “Superman’s Pal, Sid Sharp”)

Tim Meadows (1991-2000):

  • Jeremiah Arkham (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Laura Kightlinger (1994-1995):

  • Orca (The LEGO Batman Movie)

Michael McKean (1994-1995):

  • Silver Age Joker (The New Batman Adventures, “Legends of the Dark Knight”)
  • Sportsman (Justice League, “Legends”)
  • Perry White (Smallville)
  • Dr. Bartholomew Wolper (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pts. 1 & 2)

Chris Parnell (1998-2006):

  • Narrator (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Rachel Dratch (1999-2006):

  • Negative Woman (Teen Titans Go!)
  • Nora Fries (Harley Quinn)

Seth Meyers (2001-2014):

  • Jack Ryder (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Fred Armisen (2002-2013):

  • King Scimitar (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Kenan Thompson (2003-Present):

  • Commissioner Gordon (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Kristen Wiig (2005-2012):

  • Cheetah (Wonder Woman 1984)

Jason Sudeikis (2005-2013):

  • Mayor Hamilton Hill (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Bobby Moynihan (2008-2017):

  • The Penguin (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Jenny Slate (2009-2010):

  • Harley Quinn (The LEGO Batman Movie)

Vanessa Bayer (2010-2017):

  • PB the Wonder-Pig (League of Super-Pets)

Kate McKinnon (2012-2022):

  • Lulu (League of Super-Pets)

Kyle Mooney (2013-2022):

  • Michelangelo (Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Pete Davidson (2014-2022):

  • Blackguard (The Suicide Squad)

Melissa Villaseñor (2016-2022):

  • Dick Grayson (Batman: The Audio Adventures)

Heidi Gardner (2017-Present):

  • Miss Tuesday (Batman: The Audio Adventures)
  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Batman: The Audio Adventures, Season 1)

Who else from the SNL cast and history would fit somewhere in the DC Universe, and who would you cast them as?


I’d love to see Martin Short as Mad Hatter, while Phil Hartman would have made a solid Max Lord.


He’s done it before!

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The DC Mad Hatter. :wink:

I’d love to see Chevy Chase cameo as Clark Griswold in a DC movie.

After all, the Vacation movies are by WB and we know who owns DC, so it would finally confirm my 30+ year head canon that the Griswold clan exists in the DCU.

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“Gotham City… roll 'em up.”


Just for the stunt casting alone… Colin Jost, husband of the MCU’s Scarlett Johansson, as any DC character.


Love that idea. Maybe as Nemesis, DC’s own black suited super-spy?

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Nah… Something polar opposite…


And you know what, just for the right fit of it all: DAVID SPADE IS AMBUSH BUG!


I could totally see that.

“Mr. Luthor, my family and I got you something for Christmas.”

“Put it over with the others, Greaseball.”

How about Will Ferrell as Funky Flashman?


Well, Nemesis is an American spy. But I get your point.

What’s the opposite of a Black Widow… a White Martian, maybe? He could play Protex, the leader of Hyperclan.

Also… Jane Curtin as Granny Goodness!

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I could see him doing this up with the appropriate Ron Burgundy swagger.

Oh, that’s inspired. She’d kill it as Granny.

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With Bill Curtis narrating, yeah?

I’m not sure a Funky Flashman story requires narration, but the right treatment could sell me.

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It doesn’t, but given Bill Curtis’ groovy voice, it should be amended so as to allow BC to work his magic.

“Funky was looking to sell something special today.”

Leslie Jones as Amanda Waller!

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I think she’d make for a swell Stompa.


Adam Sandler as Condiment King.