SNEAK PEEK: SDCC-Exclusive McFarlane Unboxing!

THE DREAM TEAM IS BACK: McFarlane Toys & DC Comics collab once more!

McFarlane Toys and DC Comics are partnering to bring iconic and fan-favorite characters to life in this latest figure unboxing! Whether you’re presently at SDCC to see the action in person, or are rooting for your heroes from the homefront — this event is for fans everywhere!

So what all are we looking at here? If you’ve got a sharp eye for figures, you’ve probably already scoped:

:star: Superman - 85th Anniversary Edition 7" Figure

:star: Batman - Knightfall 30th Anniversary 7" Figure

:star: Dread Lantern - Dark Knights: Metal 7" Figure

:star: Mr. Freeze - Page Puncher (With Comic) Variant 7" Figure

:star: The Joker - Bank Robber (The Dark Knight Trilogy) 7" Figure

:star: The Joker - Sonar Vision (The Dark Knight Trilogy) 7" Figure

:star: The Joker - Bank Robber (The Dark Knight Trilogy) 7" Figure

:star: Bane - Coat Included (The Dark Knight Trilogy) 7" Figure

Which of these exclusive figures grabbed your eye the most? :eyes:

Tell us all about it in the comments below! :point_down:


Joker, Joker, Joker, Bane, Freeze, Batman …


What grabbed my eye was the 30th anniversary Batman: Knightfall figure. I already REALLY liked the first Knightfall Batman Todd had put out, but the shadow details on this exclusive is like the cherry on top


That Mr. Freeze statue in the background of this video though… :eyes:


The Batman and Mr. Freeze, both caught my attention.


85th Anniversary Superman!


Definitely going to want to get these!


First off, for the people going and those who like this stuff, I’m glad that McFarlane is giving fans exclusive. I did really like Ledger’s Joker (even before all the ‘fans’ did) and think that - while I have no idea why it’s a sonar vision - that’s a cool effect that I’d like to see done on some other, non-bat figures, versus the sketch, black and white (or colorless), patina versions, etc. that we’ve gotten. The fiberglass SDCC speed force Flash from Diamond Select is a nice statue I’ve owned for years, and I wouldn’t mind several more like that, where they can be displayed for end-user/consumers to do stuff with lightening on these collectibles.

That said: it seems short-shrift, particularly for how much people are already re-selling these on the secondary market, where they likely don’t even have them in their physical, actual hands, this exclusive is just a cheap and quick reuse of the Hush buck and, even worse, Hush face/head sculpt that was just put out, so personally, something claiming to honor the first appearance anniversary with random modern art-type paint splatter – especially as someone whose favorite type of art to make while at art school and to display in my home – is not necessarily the best way to celebrate 85 years:

Yes. This is the body and face used (again Hush reuse) for the (also recent) first appearance Supes; so why not make a $199-$299 poly resin similar to the recent movie statutes or similar to the recent $39 For Tomorrow Superman 12" non-posable figurine if we’re not going to gauge the fans:

Which save for my own personal issues with the height and that the body looks far too stocky for my own personal taste, and likewise what I’ll acknowledge are my own personal issues with the face sculpt, given the comments we’ve seen here - most people either like the Hush look or like the face sculpt generically.

Revising this to be fair to McFarlane: But at least attend to the details like giving us a red boots, which Todd himself acknowledges since he’s releasing (apparently this statue IS an SDCC exclusive but you could have or are able to pre-order it from the McFarlane site? as well?? for release later this year [further revisions start here:]
and apparently, the very high price of this piece is that unlike the movie concurrent resin statues, this is limited to 500, although I’m not clear if it’s limited to 500 at SDCC and then there’s a limited supply available at the McFarlane site, or if this is similar to some of the other con exclusives, where you can pre-order them on line BUT only for what’s left over from the con, IF ANYTHING, meaning all those website pre-orders could just as easily be refunded?:

I’ll admit, I do really prefer the shade of blue on the first appearance action figure versus the darker shade on the cover replica resin statue. And although it’s almost $400, this statue is a huge improvement on many levels over the Factory Entertainment version of almost the same look, which is overpriced, even at under $80, for the quality you get as a collector from it:
factory entertainment supes

I’m still going to sit over here in my corner with some beer and cry myself to sleep while I dream of a world where I can make something like this:

for myself once I get up the nerve and extra fodder parts – and find a McFarlane head sculpt where Clark (a) smiles, (b) has good hair, and (c) looks attractive versus angry or menacing.
Sad Project Superman Is Sad


Hurray for more of the always wonderfully delightful Jim Fletcher and his delightfully wonderful fashion and set choices that were apropos to each piece as he unboxed them. :partying_face:

I’ve got four sharp eyes for figures. :nerd_face:

My four eyes naturally gravitated towards the 85th anniversary Superman.

Not just because its Superman (although, that does help :superman_hv_4:), but because of all of the cool display swag he comes with.

After Superman, I’m next most-interested in the Bank Robber Joker.

While I have a custom Bank Robber Joker, I never bought Mattel’s version in their The Dark Knight Movie Masters line (as seen in the below eBay photos)…

…as he came out in the latter part of the line and by that time, I had moved onto other collecting priorities (DC and non-DC).

So, make mine 85th Superman and Bank Robber Mistah Jay. :+1:t2:


Absolutely love this one! :+1: