Sneak Peek: Nightwing Is Back In Action In New Look At Upcoming INFINITE FRONTIER Series

Nightwing is back—and his drive to keep Blüdhaven safe has never been stronger! But his adopted city has elected a new mayor with the last name Zucco. When Nightwing enlists Batgirl’s help in investigating the politician bearing the same name as the man who murdered his parents, she unearths details that will shock and fundamentally change the hero.

The New York Times bestselling team of writer Tom Taylor (DCeased, Injustice) and artist Bruno Redondo (Injustice, Suicide Squad) are about to take Nightwing to the next stage of his evolution as a hero!

Check out the full preview now over at Screen Rant! Then, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. :point_down:


I’m excited to see Tom Taylor on this book and really dig the premise, especially seeing Dick and Babs together.




Already enjoying this run.

Tom Taylor is definitely a good fit for Nightwing and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes the character.

I had to laugh a little at how they playfully poke fun at the whole “Ric” situation here. :rofl:

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Quite funny, the whole Ric storyline reference, overall seems to be a more optimistic portrayal than the recent ones,I look forward to it.

I can’t wait to read it!

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It’s a little spoiler-y, but this review got me very hyped to read this. What I appreciated is that it sounds more like a character piece than a big splashy story, an opportunity to look at Dick’s ideologies and reacquaint ourselves with him.


I love everything Tom Taylor writes, so I’m super hyped!

This is great! Nightwing deserves a good run. He has had a rough go creativity in the recent past.