Smallville Unauthorized Episode Guide

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After Clark discovers how much knowledge the fortress has stored, he decides to drop out of college and instead go to “Kryptonian college.” It’s free, the commute is fast (thanks to the cave portal), and the Kryptonian knowledge is vast compared to what the people of earth know. He has the perfect balance going, able to work on the farm and be with his friends, and also gaining a worlduniverse-class education.

During his lessons, he discovers information about Krypton’s woes, and how it dealt with criminals like Zod. This episode takes Clark on a virtual reality trip through the life of Zod, and we learn about his role in Krypton’s downfall. Krypton was advanced in many ways, but also dealt with many of the same issues earthlings have to wrestle with.

At the same time, we cut to Lex’s current interests in politics and watch as he manipulates others to gain power, much like the story Clark is seeing about Zod. At the end of the episode, it’s clear Lex is very similar to Zod, but key differences may mean the difference in his success, where Zod failed.


Can we just end the episode here? I want this for Clark.

The rest is LEGIT GREAT. It felt like like this could be a real episode. Lots of little intriguing twists. I also feel like I could watch at least 10 minutes of Clark walking around the fortress touching crystals and looking at holograms or whatever.

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Did you know that the maximum number of sides for a mathematically fair dice is 120?

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We flash back to right before the Smallville meteor shower to a plucky young rat practicing kung fu he learned from his master at the Smallville Community Center. The meteors come down and destroys the building but somehow the rat survived.

Fast forward to current times, Clark is doing his good guy stuff but keeps finding that someone else has been beating him to the scenes of crimes. He and Pete later follow a trail of rat fur down to the sewers of Smallville (?). They find a strange lair with ninja weapons mounted on the walls and pizza boxes littered everywhere. The episode ends as we see a man-sized rat approach Clark from the shadows.

Pete: “Damn, who’s that?”


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omg I’m literally crying!

…plucky young…rat? practicing kung fu??? what the heck is he on about [it clicks] OH MY GOD! :joy:

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It never could have worked for a real episode. But in my mind…it’s awesome :slight_smile:


Well there is that alternate dimension metal tube thingie. Maybe it can be adapted to surf the multiverse! Come on @Cradle2theGabe, where there is a will, there is a writer that can make a way. lol


True true. Also, Batman/TMNT III was fairly off the rails if I recall. If they can do it so can we!