Smallville Reunion (Idea)

I’ll start off by saying, its obvious Tom Welling has no interest in playing the traditional Superman in tights, so that’s where this take he may would possibly consider.

Give this an “Elseworlds” label on in vein of the Joker film. Smallville already kind of is anyways.

Continuing where his Crisis cameo stopped, Clark Kent is powerless, but raising kids with Lois… but his kids have super powers. That would be an interesting dynamic in itself. Especially how would this Clark raise them. Would they want to be normal too or keep their powers? Also exploring Clark Kent without super powers. Him wanting to save people from certain death but realizing he can’t do that anymore and how does he cope with it. Maybe eventually in the show, he could get his powers back. Since were not even sure how he lost them. Just leave the suit in the barn, maybe Welling would be down? He never needed the suit to be Superman anyways!

Could him and Lex be friends again?

Yeah, mostly will never happen. But Smallville has always been one of my favorite series. I think it still has a pretty decent following. Tom Welling’s Crisis scene is over 5 million views from just one video uploaded. So I think it would still do pretty well.


I just finished watching this show, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be

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I grew up watching the series, that said the first time around I was completely disappointed he didn’t wear the suit in the finale. Years later I rewatched the series with my wife and it still holds up to me personally for what it is. Series may have went on a little long, but it still had it’s decent episodes in the later seasons.

Loved the Clark/Lex friendship as well.

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I was there from the very beginning. I know the finale isn’t what we all thought it was gonna be, but come on, the last few minutes with the shirt rip and the John Williams theme was incredible. I liked the Season 11 comic and I even liked that they gave Clark and Lois a happy ending in the crossover. There was no way Welling was gonna put on the suit, but this felt like a fitting end for his character.

I know Welling and Rosenbaum have said they’d like to continue the show in an animated form. That would be interesting and Welling wouldn’t have to put on the suit.

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Yeah, I agree. The second time I rewatched the series, I thought Tom Welling was more like Superman than most of the other actors that played him. He didn’t need the suit to be Superman.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the graphic novels animated. I haven’t read all of them, but a good bit of them.

I just think a live action sequel from the Crisis cameo could be interesting to the Superman mythos, as I don’t think we have really seen that played out. Not quite like that.

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