Smallville Nights at This Year’s Superman Celebration!

Attention @SmallvilleFanClub!

:rotating_light:Breaking News!!!:rotating_light:

Smallville Nights is going to be at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois this summer!

Come out and join your favorite Clark and Lex as they bring some of the Best Smallville moments to life! Reenacting scenes from the series, Tom and Michael will also bring a few lucky fans up to act with them on stage as well as letting them take on the Director’s role and be directed by them as they read through their lines! Watch and laugh as they attempt to get through scenes from the Smallville Pilot without breaking character. Every fan in attendance will receive a keepsake gift and a select few will win a prize from Tom and Michael’s collection. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience for one night only in Metropolis Illinois! Hijinks and shenanigans are 100% guaranteed!

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More details here:

Tell us if you are attending the Celebration this year!


I won’t be attending (I would be interested in being a +1 if anyone needs company, however :wink:), but I just wanted to say that Clark’s hair in that promo photo is kind of nifty.


And Lex has hair! Lol

I’m flying out to Iceland the following weekend so I’m attempting to justify doing this lmao I’ve never been to a Celebration and this sounds way too amazing to pass up :grimacing:


Geez, you’re traveling to Iceland, now? You’re a :wonderwoman:onder!

If you go to the Celebration, could I give you a want list of comics to search for in dealer rooms/areas? :wink:


Lol yea I’ve been banking up leave since the pandemic and I won some whale watching tickets back in 2020 that need to be used by this year. It’s been a long time coming!

I’ve been dying to go to a celebration for a few years now. Do I pass up this Smallville opportunity and live the rest of my life with regrets? Or do I be a less impulsive, and more responsible adult and maybe not stack trips?


Somebody save meeeeee!


Whale watching, you say?

I’ve always wanted to do that (whales are my second-favorite animal), but haven’t yet had the chance.

Heck, you can whale watch in AK at any time, right? Go to the Celebration!


Lol yea plus I work with whales and the whale watching industry! :rofl: but these are Atlantic whales. All I’ve got are Pacific! (They’re the same species for the most part so yeah, they’re basically the same whales lmao) they do have different abundances of different species though so hopefully I’ll see some I don’t see where I am!


Fun Fact: In 1998, I went to Sea World in San Diego, and it sucked.

Nothing :superman:uper to celebrate about that, let me tell ya.


Empty the tanks! :whale:

Even the dinosaurs were released to the wild! for better or worse


I had fish tacos at a restaurant that looked out to the ocean afterward, so as to sooth my disappointment.

Take that, Sea World in (as Ron Burgundy says) Sawn Dee-ah-go!

Fish tacos are :superman:uper, and worthy of celebration. :yum:


Wow, this is something I’ve been tempted about going to for a while, since I only live a couple of hours away, but with guests like that I may have to really try to go this year.

Also, looking around at the site, it looks like George Newburn will also be there!


It’s too far for me, for anybody that’s going, have a great time.:grinning: