Site Updates & Enhancements: Welcome to Community 3.0!

Hello friends!

The DC Community is one of the best, most engaging, and most wholesome groups of fans around, and we’ve made this Community Site our home for a few years. We’ve enjoyed watchalongs, book clubs, movie discussions, Q&As, and so much more–but it’s now time to make our home bigger, and better for all of us! With 2022 being such a big year for DC Comics, the team and I have been working hard on some Community Site improvements that will hopefully make this place more fun to engage with, easier to navigate, and hopefully more impactful for all our amazing community members.

With this, I’d like to present the Community 3.0 Roadmap!

This roadmap is the result of many hours of iterating on design, thinking of new ways to improve the community member experience, and building towards a more cohesive DC Community overall. Let’s break it down:

  • News/Blog Carousel: This feature will allow us to put DC news and blog articles front and center for the DC Community to read. We’ll be updating the carousel regularly, so keep an eye out for new and exciting DC news!

  • Streamlining Trending Discussions: Making the DC Community site easier to navigate is a big piece of what we wanted to improve for our users/community members. By improving the user flow of how trending discussions are shown, we can hopefully drive site traffic to parts of the site that deserve some love!

  • New User Flair: This will allow everyone to add info to their profile pages. We’ll start by adding the ability to add pronouns to your bio, and also nationality flags! This way, when we open the DC Community doors to new countries, everyone can celebrate their nationality and culture.

  • Fan Art/Cosplay Submission & Gallery: The DC Community is not only fun and wholesome, but many of you are super talented creators. Whether you make awesome fan art, or make super cool cosplay, we want to see what you got! We’ll be creating submission themes every month, and will have a handful of submissions displayed in a shiny new gallery. Get those creative juices flowing–more info to come soon!

  • DC Social Channel Feeds: Are you following the DC Comics social channels? Well, you should be :wink:…But regardless of if you are or not, we’ll be adding a feed/ticker that will display the DC Twitter channels posts here on the Community Site. Now you’ll always be informed on the latest and greatest from DC Social!

  • New Badges: You read that correctly–new badges are making their way to the Community Site! We want to make sure all of our amazing community members are recognized for their love of DC and their engagement here on the forums.

  • Selectable Avatars: Sometimes, you just can’t decide on an avatar to use for your profile…The decision won’t be so hard in the future! We’ll be providing all of our community members a set of awesome new avatars to choose from. What characters do you want to see as selectable avatars? Let us know!

  • Community Member Highlights: The DC Community is one of the most fun fandoms out there, and we want to celebrate all of you! We’ll be adding a new site feature that will allow us to shine a light on community members that are doing awesome things. Did you make some awesome fan art? Are you reading a hidden gem that you want to share with the community? Are you brand-spankin’ new to the DC Community and just want to make some new friends? We’ll be showing you off for the world to see with Community Member Highlights!

  • More Badges: Yup. MORE BADGES.

  • Live Chat Functionality: Want to chat with your DC Community buddies during a live Q&A? Trying to plan a group meetup at a Comics Convention? We’ll soon have you covered! By adding a live chat function to the DC Community site, users can hop in and out of chat to talk in real-time with other community members.

  • Loyalty/Rewards Program Functionality: This is an important element when considering the direction we want the DC Community to go. No matter where you’re from or what your expertise is, all of our community members should be rewarded for their engagement, and given opportunities to work towards greater rewards! This vision will take time to fully build and integrate into the current site, so keep an eye out for more info!

We can’t thank all of you enough for all the help to get the DC Community Site to where it is today. The DC Community is the heart and soul of why we work so hard to do what we do! We’ll be continuing to iterate on this site throughout the year, and there will be some awesome learnings and discoveries along the way.

Strap in, friends! There’s so much more to get excited about :batparrot:

<3 Jitsu

Special thanks to @Alec.Holland for all his amazing help on this! Round of applause!


:clap: :clap: :clap:

It’s been a long time coming and I’m super excited to see all of the new features arriving over the course of this year!

A big shout out to the Discourse team behind the scenes too. They made a lot of this process virtually painless and are incredibly good at their jobs!


This all sounds so exciting! And it’s especially great to see this start to roll out as DCUI expands and we’re able to welcome in fans from around the world. I already love being a part of the Community, and it sounds like these updates are gonna make it even better!


All of it sounds awesome! :tada::purple_heart: :batparrot: :earth_americas: Can’t wait!

…I feel like we need some confetti up in here…



Where do I sign up? This is really cool idea @Jitsu and @Alec.Holland, I’m really looking forward to it!:grinning:


New badges! :heart:


Well @Jitsu you did promise me some news today, and I am blown away by all the planned updates. Y’all have been hard at work, I see. Looking forward to taking all the new toys for a spin, as to Avatars all of the Legion of Super Heroes of Course, and a couple of Captains, Carrot and Comet would be nice.
Thanks as always for what you and all the other moderators do.


There are a lot of great things coming! From other countries being able to join to live chat! Oh, and badges!!!


These all sound great!


Hopefully this will help getting people interested in joining any of our clubs. Will the clubs still be around?:thinking:


Clubs will remain, of course!


Oh good, Thankyou.:slightly_smiling_face:


Is there an ETA of when to expect some of the short term offerings or did I miss that in my excitement of chat and badges?


No specific ETA, but short-term = within the next few weeks :wink:


Me: This all sounds amazing no one piece of information could be better than all of-


But seriously, this all sounds incredible thank you all for you hard work on all of this! I can’t wait to see it all!


Yay!! All I ask is that my beloved dark mode never leaves. Not that I think it would but my eyes wouldn’t be happy with me.


I’ll just cross ‘remove dark mode’ from the list… :grimacing:


Thank you! haha my glass covered eyes appreciates that.


Did somebody say… more badges?


There’s a strong possibility that more badges could arrive on the site :eyes: