Since When Is Amanda Waller an Actual Villain?

I have been reading the stories of Amanda Waller since the 1980s and I can’t seem to understand where this change in direction is coming from. She was never a full villain in the comics and yet she is now acting worse than some of DCs big villains. I’m not liking the change at all.


Well, as someone who has been revisiting the 2016 movie and the new Suicide Squad game this week…

I think it has to do with the fact that people are more aware of morals like how you treat others regardless of what kind of person they are. Yes she pulls together bad guys with a wrap sheet longer than a CVS receipt, but she goes out of her way to catch them and get her hands on them, and inserts bombs into their heads in order to control them. Yes they are bad guys, but if you treat them badly if not worse then what kind of person does that make you? It goes against the “kill with kindness” and “turning the other cheek” philosophies. I can’t speak for the comics but in the 2016 film she’s even willing to kill her operation team who’s monitoring the operation just to protect the secrets of the mission because it’s off the books. These people are military personnel, so they’re not criminals, they are just people who are doing their job. It’s the fact that someone could do those things without batting an eye and it’s mostly out of her own self interest because Task Force X is her idea, her baby (again, that’s how it appears in other media outside of the comics. The 2016 film reaffirms the fact that she pushed very hard for her Task Force and everyone else around her tries to convince her it’s a bad idea which she ignores).

I can’t speak for what she’s like in the comics from the era that you’re reading, but I think in recent years as comics have gotten more darker and more mature, so have a lot of characters. In today’s time if you do something bad to someone who is always bad, you might be considered bad as well out of principle… but that also depends on the crime and if it’s warranted. Many might not like Waller being in control of someone like Harley Quinn or Deadshot, but let’s say hypothetically if it were a character like the Joker she could control with a neck bomb for missions, it might seem okay because Joker as a character is more evil and might deserve harsh treatment and punishment. It really depends on the outlook.

EDIT: after rereading your post, the TL;DR here is that I think because media has gotten more darker and serious, so have comics and the characters. Long gone are the days of a cheesy goodie-two shoes Batman, and when a version like that does appear, it either sucks or it’s something targeted toward younger audiences. I think she became a villain because the times are changing.


Spot on @TheWifeOfJasonTodd !

Well to be honest @erikhicksatl.79673 ever since the new 52, Amanda Waller has always been portrayed this way. You could argue she could had a few redeeming qualities around those times, but they were incredibly rare. Gone were the complexities of the Ostrander era and now she’s just a evil lady.

I’m genuinely surprised of people’s reactions to Amanda Waller being this explicitly evil through. I wasn’t around the 2000s, but I’m confident to say even former JL ally Maxwell Lord wasn’t given this kind of reaction from his heel turn.

All I got to ask now for fans of Amanda Waller is…How does it feel? :sweat_smile:



What @TheWifeOfJasonTodd said.

I’ve read a lot of Suicide Squad. Not all but the majority of their comics. And:

I would say that Ostrander did a lot to humanize her, but all of us are human, right? The truth is that the evil inside Waller was always there despite her motives or intentions.


When she was introduced by Ostrander, she was a much more of an idealist than she is now, she actually stood for something, and while she would now and then stand in the way of main characters, it was never without at least somewhat reasonable cause.

Right now though, she’s basically just a straight up villain. Probably because it’s easier to write. :person_shrugging:


dc maybe just needs more villains which was why maxwell lord and amanda waller are both now villains which is maybe better than using the president as a villain.


Nah she was always a bad apple


When Max engineered the plot with The You Know Whats and then shot You Know Who and got a…crick in his neck (we’ll say, so as to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read Sacrifice) in 2005 (what a banner year for Max :smile:), I’d say that was much more surprising than Waller going full-on eeeeeeevahl!

Waller’s always had it in her, while the formerly goofy Maxwell Lord engineered many “Oh, f***!” reactions upon turning the OMACs’ On switch to 11 in '05.


dunno when she became a actual villain but ive always disliked this character and considered her evil
the dceu lady pulls off the character amazingly
and i like the not fully evil dcau version